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Munezo (Nagase Masatoshi), a lowly swordsman for a northern clan, is reunited with former family servant, Kie (Matsu Takako). Having presumed that she is living a happy married life, he is shocked to discover that she has taken ill after leaving her husband and takes her home with him to recuperate. Meanwhile, Munezo's friend, Yaichiro (Ozawa Yukiyoshi), is charged with treason against the clan and flees into the mountains. Having studied swordsmanship at the same school, Munezo is ordered by the clan to track down Yaichiro and bring him to heel. A fierce duel ensues between the two, but in the thick of battle, Yaichiro is shot dead by a clan member. Questioning his masters' actions, Munezo challenges chief retainer Hori (Ogata Ken) and ultimately kills him using the lethal hidden blade technique. He lays down his swords and vows to live a peaceful life with Kie as a commoner.

Movie: The Hidden Blade

Date: 26th September 2015

Venue: Embassy of Japan, Mara Road, Upper Hill

Gates Open: 1:30pm

Time: 2:00pm

Entry: Free

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