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The turbulent Kamakura period. Having lost his mother as a young boy, Dogen (Nakamura) travels to China at the age of 24 in search of a Buddhist master. He goes through ascetic training under Zen monk Ju-ching (Zheng Tianyong). After he finally attains enlightenment at dawn one summer morning, he returns to Japan and endeavors to spread Zen Buddhism. Beginning with a prostitute (Uchida Yuki) nursing a baby and married to an indolent husband, Dogen gains the adoration of the general populace. This provokes jealousy in the monks from Mt. Hiei, who drive Dogen out to Echizen (modern day northern Fukui prefecture), where Dogen establishes Eihei-ji temple and continues to educate his students. Dogen is then summoned by the regent of the shogunate, Hojo Tokiyori (Fujiwara Tatsuya), who requests Dogen to free him from visions of vengeful apparitions. Dogen departs to Kamakura.


Date: 27th September 2014

Venue: Embassy of Japan, Mara Road, Upper Hill

Gates Open: 1:30pm

Time: 2:00pm

Entry: Free

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