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Based on a fantasy masterpiece by best selling author, Miyabe Miyuki. A primary school pupil, Wataru, lives with his mother as his parents are divorced. His mother slips into critical condition. "If you go to the other side of that door, you can change your fate," says his new classmate, Mitsuru. Wataru follows his words and sets off on a journey into the world of Vision. Wataru becomes a trainee hero, and travels in search of a hidden treasure that has the power to change fate. Mitsuru came to the world of Vision before Wataru in order to bring back his sister who was killed in a forced double suicide by their father. Mitsuru gets hold of the treasure, but as he touches it, it unleashes demons which have been sealed off by the treasure. Vision is now full of demons. Wataru chases after Mitsuru in order to contain the demons.

Movie: Brave Story

Date: 15th August 2015

Venue: Embassy of Japan, Mara Road, Upper Hill

Gates Open: 1:30pm

Time: 2:00pm

Entry: Free

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