The Embassy of Japan in Kenya is also accredited to Eritrea.

Exchange of Notes Signing Ceremony for Food Assistance


The Government of Japan has decided to provide a grant amounting to 300 million Japanese Yen, (equivalent to 2.6 million US dollar or 40 million Nakfa) for Food Assistance to the Government of the State of Eritrea. The signing ceremony was held in Asmara between Mr. Yoshihiro Katayama, Chargé d’ Affaires of Japan and H.E. Dr. Giorgis Teklemikael, Minister of National Development .

The grant will be utilized to purchase wheat by the Government of Eritrea, which will be sold locally at a low price. The Government of Eritrea will utilize the proceeds to implement economic and social development projects in the country.
Due to the hostile climatic conditions, Eritrea is vulnerable to the adverse effects of recurring droughts and environmental degradation, all of which hamper development efforts. The Government of Japan wishes to work together with the Government of Eritrea to achieve lasting food security in Eritrea.