The Embassy of Japan in Kenya is also accredited to Somalia.

Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Project for the Expansion of Bursar Primary School)

Title Ground Breaking Ceremony of The Project for the Expansion of Bursar Primary School in Elwak District of Gedo Region, Somalia
Date 19th May 2016
Location Bursar Primary School, Elwak District, Gedo Region
Project Title The Project for the Expansion of Bursar Primary School
Amount US$ 97,538
Main Activity The Ground Breaking Ceremony of the inaugural GGP project in Somalia, “The Project for the Expansion of Bursar Primary School,” was held in Bursar town, Elwak District, of Gedo Region. The ceremony was attended by officials from the district and local office as well as representatives of the grantee organization, Peace Action Society Organization of Somalia (PASOS), and members of the local community.
The Grant Contract for this project was signed on March 11th, 2016 in the amount of $97,538 USD, for the construction of eight classrooms, ten toilets, two water tanks, and procurement of 160 student desks. The project will directly benefit the 480 students already enrolled in the school as well as the future students that are likely to enroll following the completion of the project.
With the laying of the foundation stones, members of the Elwak District Office and Bursar Local Authority have officially started the process of transforming the school from one with dirt floors, stick walls, and damaged iron-sheet roofs into a school with modern, permanent infrastructure that promotes learning in a more comfortable environment.
Additionally, the project aims to provide a complete sanitation solution to the students and teachers at the school through the construction of ten toilets and two water tanks. Following the completion of the project, the students will no longer need to leave school to use a toilet at a nearby house or venture out into the bush by themselves. The provision of proper sanitation structures should promote good hygiene practices and help prevent water-borne diseases.
The Embassy of Japan congratulates PASOS for their work in engaging the students and teachers of Bursar Primary School and in mobilizing the local community towards this worthy project. We are confident that with their continued effort and collaboration with the Embassy of Japan, the children of Bursar will soon move into their new classrooms.

Additional Photos

The visiting officials and members of PASOS giving thanks to the people of Japan for their support

Students of Bursar Primary offering a prayer for the successful completion of the project

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Laying of the Foundation Stone

Students at Bursar Primary School attending the Ground Breaking Ceremony