The Embassy of Japan in Kenya is also accredited to Somalia.

Japan’s assistance to Somalia

Since the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991, the country has been struggling with civil war without having an effective central government that controls the entirety of the country. This has made it difficult for the Government of Japan to provide bilateral assistance to Somalia. However, Japan considers the stability of Somalia is absolutely critical for ensuring human security as well as for the fundamental resolution of terrorism and piracy, which threaten the security of international community. From this point of view, Japan has been implementing in Somalia through international organizations such as United Nations, necessary assistance for responses to the humanitarian crisis and for stability over the medium to long term. Taking the strengthening of public security, humanitarian assistance, and infrastructure development as its main pillars, Japan has implemented assistance amounting to approximately US$ 184 million since 2007.

WFP Bossaso Port Capacity Enhancement through Port Rehabilitation

Dredging of Bossaso Port basin in order to enhance port capacity & efficiency

A sign board that shows Japan’s assistance placed I n front of the Puntland’s Ministry of Marin Transport, Ports & Counter Piracy at the Bossaso port

WFP Mogadishu Port Capacity Enhancement through Port Rehabilitation

Debris on the port seabed and wreckage of sunken vessels have been removed from Mogadishu port. This has increased maximum vessel size that can dock the port from 15,000mt to 20,000mt.

A Marine Control Tower has been constructed by funding from the Government of Japan

IOM Improving Protection of Migrants and Vulnerable Individuals Travelling through Somaliland, Puntland and Djibouti to Yemen(Bossaso, Hargeysa)

Hargeysa Migrants Response Centre. A migrant is being registered.

A scene during a Fishery Skill training course for vulnerable population such as migrants, displaces and member of the host community. The slot of the training shown in the picture is to teach life-saving skills. (Bossaso)

A foot-ball tournament aiming to reconcile migrants, displaced and members of host community as well as to raise awareness of risks incurred by illegal migrant. (Hargeysa)

Billboards set in a main street of the capital, alerting about the danger and risks of human trafficking(Hargeysa)

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