Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects: Handing Over Ceremony of the Project for the Expansion of St. Bakita Nagis Primary School

Constructed classrooms
Constructed toilet block
Constructed dormitory
Mr. Mikio Mori receives a tour of the constructed facilities
Double decker beds that are now used  in the dormitory
Title Handing Over Ceremony of The Project for the Expansion of St. Bakita Nagis Primary School
Date 5th February 2016
Location Turkwel Division, Loima District, Turkana County
Project Title The Project for the Expansion of St. Bakita Nagis Primary School
Amount US$ 88,361 (Approx. 8.0 Million Kshs)
Total of about 600 participants
Main Activity The Handing Over Ceremony of “The Project for the Expansion of St. Bakita Nagis Primary School”was held in Turkwel Division, Loima District and witnessed by among others, officials from the Embassy of Japan in Kenya.
St. Bakita Nagis Primary School received a grant of 88,361 US Dollars (Approximately 8.0 million Kshs) for the construction of 2 classrooms, 2 dormitories and 3 toilet blocks for teachers and students. The school was also able to purchase 50 double decker beds, 70 desks and furniture for the administration office by using the savings.
Before heading to the ceremony, Mr. Mori Mikio, Deputy/ Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Japan made a courtesy call on Mr. Peter Eripete, Turkana County Public Secretary. Mr. Eripete appreciated the continuous assistance that was given from the Japanese Government not only for the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), but also for projects that are implemented through the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
The ceremony begun with Mr. Josephat Eregae’s speech, Head teacher of St. Bakita Nagis Primary School, who expressed the community’s appreciation for the project. In his speech, he described how pupils used to walk for long distances being under the risk of getting attacked by wild animals. He also metioned about the fact that some pupils used to stay overnight in classrooms and teacher’s residences. Therefore, as the head teacher, he expressed his joy to have those facilities in the school that will help the pupils to learn in a safer environment.
Mr. Mikio Mori, congratulated the school for completing the project within the one year duration. He referred to a past GGP water dam project in Pelekech Location, Turkana County and explained that the pastoralists in that are
a have saved a lot of their time to fetch water for their livestock and domestic use because the water is accessible throughout the year. The project has led the pastoralists to settle in that area and increased the school enrollment rate. Mr. Mori expressed that children are one of the treasures for the country and that the country will have a bright future if all children receive proper education. He hoped that this project in St. Bakita Nagis Primary School will help the children to build a bright future for themselves.
He also introduced a Japanese project called, “The Project for Enhancing Community Resilience Against Drought in Northern Kenya” which was implemented by JICA from 2012-2015 to explain the strong ties between Turkana County and to express that the Government of Japan wishes to continue and enhance the relationship. 
In his speech, Mr. Mori was also delighted to mention that the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI), will be held in Kenya this year and it will be the first TICAD ever held in Africa and out of Japan. He emphasized that Japan respects the ownership of all African countries and is willing to go into partnership with African countries that believe that making self-help effort is the basis of development.
In closing his remarks, he wished the people happiness and prosperity.


Unveiling the plaque Left:  Hon. Ms. Amina Ewoi Right: Mr. Mikio Mori
Mr. Mikio Mori, planting a tree
Speech by Mr. Josephat Eregae, Head teacher
Speech by Hon. Mr. Jeremiah Lomurukai, Member of County Assembly (Turkwel Ward)
Speech by Hon. Ms. Rodah Loyor, Energy County Executive of Turkana County
Speech by Hon. Ms. Amina Ewoi, Executive Officer for Ministry of Education and Cultural Service of Turkana County
Speech by Mr. Mikio Mori, Minister/ Deputy Chief of Mission
Dance performed by the pupils

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During the courtesy call to the Turkana County Public Secretary, Mr. Peter Eripete
Guests joining the local dance during the ceremony