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2025 MEXT Research Scholarship

We are happy to announce that the 2025 MEXT Research Scholarship for Kenyan nationals is now open! Applications for undergraduate scholarships will open at a later date. All applications must be submitted to the Embassy of Japan in Kenya no later than 4:30pm on Friday, 3rd May 2024. You can do this by dropping a hard copy of your application documents at the Embassy of Japan or send it via courier or post. Click here for more.

About JICC

The Japan Information & Culture Centre (JICC) is the cultural and public affairs section of the Embassy of Japan in Kenya. Our mission is to promote better understanding of Japan and its culture by providing a wide range of information, educational services and events to the Kenyan public. Click here for more.

Africa Film Library

The African Film Library (AFL) of Japan Information and Culture Centre in Nairobi has a large collection of Japanese feature films. Now the Centre has placed the list online. Interested individuals, school groups, etc who wish to watch one or more of the films are invited to see the list and contact the Centre. Depending on various factors (time, date, film quality, etc) arrangements can be made for screening at the Embassy's auditorium or elsewhere. Click here for more.

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Events Report

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Embassy of Japan in Kenya Bulletin

The Embassy of Japan in Kenya Bulletin gives a summary of the activities by the Embassy of Japan in Kenya as well as significant news regarding Japan-Kenya relations on quarterly basis.
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