Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (Handing Over Ceremony of the Project for the Renovation of a Maternity Ward at Kiptulwa Dispensary)

Mothers with the nurses
Renovated maternity ward
H.E. Mr. Tatsushi Terada checking the delivery room
Community members attending the ceremony
Traditional dance performed by the women group
Title Handing Over Ceremony of The Project for the Renovation of a Maternity Ward at Kiptulwa Dispensary
Date 24th March 2016
Location Kiptulwa, Sotik District, Bomet County
Project Title The Project for the Renovation of a Maternity Ward at Kiptulwa Dispensary
Amount US$ 86,923 (Approx. 7.9 Million Kshs)
Total of about 800 participants
Main Activity The Handing Over Ceremony of “The Project for the Renovation of a Maternity Ward at Kiptulwa Dispensary”was held in Kiptulwa, Sotik District and witnessed by among others, officials from the Embassy of Japan in Kenya.
Kiptulwa Dispensary received a grant of 86,923 US Dollars (Approximately 7.9 million Kshs) for the renovation of a maternity ward, medical equipment and generator with the purpose of improving the environment for mothers to deliver babies.
Kiptulwa Dispensary was established in 1994, by the community as a self-help group. This dispensary has been serving many people who are in severe situations including those who unfortunately face financial difficulties in the community. The maternity ward was in use, but it did not offer full services due to the lack of space and medical equipment. Therefore, many people used to deliver babies at home, which sometimes led them to dangerous health complications. The organization did not have enough funds to complete the renovation of the maternity ward, therefore they applied for the GGP assistance from the Embassy of Japan.
At the ceremony, H.E. Mr. Issac Ruto appreciated the assistance that was given from the Japanese Government. He stated that “This dispensary fulfills the standard facility and equipment that are required for a maternity ward. This is what needs to be done for other dispensaries. As a Government, we will be ensuring that medical and non-medical supplies are available in all health facilities” and explained to the community that the Government purchased medical and non-medical supplies for Kiptulwa Dispensary which was delivered on that day of the ceremony. He also promised that he will be posting necessary numbers of healthcare workers to fully facilitate the maternity ward.
H.E. Mr. Terada Tatsushi, congratulated the dispensary for completing the project within the one year duration. He explained to the community that it had been 13 years since the Embassy of Japan last had a project in Bomet County and was grateful to have the project completed successfully also with the support from the County Government.
In his speech, Ambassador Terada was also delighted to mention that the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI), will be held in Kenya this year and it will be the first TICAD ever held in Africa and out of Japan. He emphasized that Japan respects the ownership of all African countries and is willing to go into partnership with African countries that believe that making self-help effort is the basis of development.
In closing his remarks, he wished the people happiness and prosperity.


Speech by Mr. Joel Korir, Chairman of Kiptulwa Dispensary
Speech by Dr. Bernard Sowek, Chief Officer of Medical Services of Bomet County
Speech by Hon. Beatrice Chebomui, Member of County Assembly (Women Representative)
Speech by Hon. John Ngetich, Member of County Assembly (Sotik Constituency)
Speech by Hon. Cecilia Ngetich, Member of Parliament (Women Representative)
Speech by H.E. Mrs. Esther Ruto, First Lady of Bomet Governor
Speech by H.E. Issac Ruto, Governor of Bomet County
Speech by H.E. Mr. Tatsushi Terada, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kenya

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H.E. Mr. Tatsushi Terada shaking hands with H.E. Mr. Issac Ruto after unveiling the plaque
H.E. Mr. Issac Ruto with  the First Lady