Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (Handing Over Ceremony of the Project for the Construction of Practical Education Facilities in Burgei Secondary School)

Toilet block constructed by GGP fund
Students presenting a science experiement in the new laboratory
Ms. Takashima holding a chicken in the new poltury pen
Title Handing Over Ceremony of The Project for the Construction of Practical Education Facilities in Burgei Secondary School
Date 7th April 2017
Location Lenginet Location, Rongai Division, Rongai District, Nakuru County
Project Title The Project for the Construction of Practical Education Facilities in Burgei Secondary School
Amount US$ 72,487 (Approx. Kshs 7.2 Million)
Total of about 600 participants
Main Activity The Handing Over Ceremony of “The Project for the Construction of Practical Education Facilities in Burgei Secondary School” was held in Lenginet Location, Rongai Division and witnessed by among others, officials from the Embassy of Japan in Kenya.
The project received a grant amounting to USD 72,487 (approx. Kshs 7.2 Million) for the construction of a full-equipped single laboratory, 1 poultry pen, 2 toilet blocks for students and teachers and the installation of 2 water harvesting tanks.
Burgei Secondary School is a public school established in 2013 by the community with the assistance from Burgei Primary School. Burgei Primary School decided to donate part of their land and their facilities to start up a secondary school. Before the project started, Burgei Secondary School had 170 students, but now has increased to 212 students. 
In the past 3 years, Burgei Secondary School was able to build 4 classrooms; 3 classrooms by the parents and 1 classroom by CDF. However, since it was a new school, they lacked most of the basic facilities such as a laboratory for science experiments. Students therefore conducted the experiment outside, which sometimes was a challenge as it was affected by the wind and other weather factors. In addition, students also lacked hygienic facilities. There was only 1 toilet for boys and none for girls. Students normally went over to the primary school to use their toilets, which was very far from their classrooms.
Considering the fact that the school was young and in the future they would need to continue expanding their facilities, the school committee decided to start a poultry project in the school to be used not only as a model for “business” classes, but also as an income generating source. For those reasons, the GGP project was expected to improve the basic facilities that were required by the school and to assist them with an income generating source so that they will be sustainable in the future.
At the ceremony, the principal and the chairman of the Board of Management (BOM) expressed their appreciation to the Government of Japan for its assistance. They explained how people in the community were not able to recognize that a secondary school was there, because many facilities were missing in the school. However, due to the assistance from the community and the Government of Japan, the principal and the chairman of the BOM explained that the secondary school has now changed to a school that can be recognized by the community.  
Ms. Yui Takashima, representing the Embassy of Japan, congratulated the school for their successful completion of the project. In her speech, she mentioned about the human resources development project called, “Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education”, SMASE which was implemented from 1998 to 2013 by Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA. She explained that it was a successful project that led 27 other African countries to participate in the project. Now that Burgei Secondary School completed the construction of a well-equipped laboratory, Ms. Takashima told the teachers that it was upon them to teach the students well. She reminded the students that it is now up to them to make use of the opportunities their parents and the school has made for them to work hard and excel in their studies, and wished them a bright future. 
In closing her remarks, she asked everyone attending the ceremony to commit themselves to the success of the institution and wished them good health and prosperity.


Community members welcoming Ms. Takashima

Ms. Takashima holding a chicken in the poltury pen

Ms. Takashima planting a tree

Students performing a dance

Students expressing that they have clean drinkable water at their school

Speech by Madam Birir - Education Minister of Nakuru County

Speech by Madam Annabel Gitonga - Deputy County Commisioner

Speech by Hon. Raymond Kipruto Moi - Member of Parliament

Speech by Madam Mwaura - ICT Officer of Nakuru Governor’s Office

Speech by Ms. Takashima –
Second Secretary of Economic Cooperation Section

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Ms. Takashima and Hon. Raymond Moi unveiling the plaque
Students explaining through a play on how the school used to be before receiving the GGP fund