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Embassy of Japan in Kenya also has been accredited to Eritrea, Seychelles and Somalia

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Japanese Ambassador Reached the Summit of Mt. Kenya, a Symbol of Pride and Joy

One and a half years since his arrival in Kenya, H.E. Mr. Toshitsugu Uesawa, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kenya reached the summit of Mt. Kenya. This was a desire he developed as a result of his travels within Kenya and the many conversations he has had with many Kenya people from all walks of life.

With his resolve formed, Ambassador Uesawa set off to see the view of the country from the Lenana Peak of Mt. Kenya. He travelled in a party of nine which included a friend, a cook, a guide and some porters.

The 5,199 meter climb, though successful was not easy. The rigorous climb coupled with altitude sickness drained their physical strength and made taking each and every step laborious. The rarefied atmosphere did not offer any relief. But in the end, the climb, the training and the endurance were worth it. In his own words: “The view from the top is a wonder to behold. The mountain ranges illuminated by the rising sun, and the sea of clouds that lay beneath us, provided for a breathtakingly beautiful scene.”

Through this climb, Ambassdor Uesawa came to the conclusion that Kenya’s tourism resources are not just a means of enhancing the country’s GDP but a treasure which should not just be enjoyed by the Kenyan people but the world as well. Further to that, he hoped that his own climb to the summit would play a role in the promotion of tourism in Kenya and also in promoting the friendship between Kenya and Japan.