Handover Ceremony for the Project for the Development of Educational Infrastructure at Reten Primary School

The Government of Japan has been providing funds to local non-profit organizations through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) since 1989.
The official handover ceremony for the Project for the Development of Educational Infrastructure at Reten Primary School, under the GGP, was held at Kirisia Location, Samburu Central Sub-County, on 27th February 2019.
Reten Primary School was awarded a grant of USD 72,404 (approximately Kshs 7.1 Million) for the construction of four classrooms, an administration block, pit latrines and installation of furniture.
Prior to the project, the school was in dire need of basic educational infrastructure such as classrooms, sanitation facilities and furniture. There were only three classrooms shared by 230 students. These existing facilities were inadequate and in deplorable condition, posing a risk to the young learners. This was a major contributor to absenteeism and low retention rates as pupils moved to other schools for higher classes 5 to 8 or discontinued school altogether. The unintended consequence of not continuing with school often means that girls get married off young in this community.
With the development of new infrastructure, the pupils now have an essential learning environment and retention rates will be maintained as children do not need to transfer to other schools. Enrollment rates were also reported to have increased while the new facilities were still under construction.
During the ceremony, the Deputy Governor, Honourable Julius Lesseto, expressed gratitude to the People of Japan for the generosity in providing assistance to not only Samburu but also to other counties in Kenya. The Head teacher also showed appreciation to the People of Japan for the financial support.

Happy pupils of Reten Primary School entertaining guests during the Handover ceremony.


The community women in a celebratory dance outside the new administration block.

Pupils from Reten Primary School inside one of the new classrooms.

The community people listening to speeches outside the classroom block at Reten Primary School.