2023 Japan Movie Festival

The Japanese Movie Festival was held at the Japan Information and Culture Centre, Embassy of Japan on Friday, December 8, Saturday, December 9, and Sunday, December 10, 2023. There were 269 attendees spanning the three days and they enjoyed Japanese movies together.

Six movies were screened during the three-day festival this year. These were: DESTINY – The tale of Kamakura, a fantasy romance film set in the magical town of Kamakura, Brave Father Online – Our Story of FINAL FANTASY XIV, a beautiful tale of a father reconnecting with his family through Final Fantasy XIV, Wotakoi, a romance film showcasing the challenges of finding and maintaining love in Japan as an otaku, Memoirs of a Murderer a psychological thriller about a murderer turned author, Oshin a period film following the struggles of a young Japanese girl born into poverty, and Key of Life, a romance comedy following the lives of a man that lost his memories and a woman on a search for marriage.

Memoirs of a Murderer was particularly well received at this year's festival.