Reception to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Ambassador Takata makes a speech
Hon. Sally Kosgei makes her remarks
On 11th of March, a reception to commemorate the first anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake was held by Ambassador Toshihisa Takata. As many as 370 guests from various institutions such as Kenyan government, foreign missions or international organisations or those who have ties with Japan, gathered. Following a moment of silent prayer for the victims at the outset, Ambassador Takata extended heartfelt condolences to the victims and their relatives in his speech. He also renewed Japan’s firm commitment to further recovery of the country as well as sincere appreciation for the support from the international community including the government and the people of Kenya.

As a guest of honour, Hon. Sally Kosgei, Minister for Agriculture, stated she appreciates Japan’s assistance to Kenya where people are suffering from drought, despite the fact that Japan is still struggling with aftermath of earthquake. Another guest of honour, Mr. Abbas Gullet, Secretary General of Kenya Red Cross introduced the support fro the affected area by Japan Red Cross funded by the Government of Japan. He also applauded the fast paced recovery of the infrastructure in the affected area.
Earthquake photos exhibited
Ms. Kagema shares her experience in Japan
In support of the affected area’s recovery, some food and drinks served to the guests were made from produce of the north east Japan. Over 50 photographs which documented the disaster and recovery efforts were displayed in the venue. 

Performance by Kenyatta University students was also made with an aim to cheer up Japan’s reconstruction efforts. Several students studying the Japanese language sang a Japanese song, whose title means “I shall walk looking up” or known as “Sukiyaki” song overseas. A student from the University, Ms. Njeri Kagema, who was in Japan as an exchange student when the earthquake happened made a speech in fluent Japanese and repeated “Never give up, Japan!”, over and over again at the end of her speech.