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Embassy of Japan in Kenya also has been accredited to Eritrea, Seychelles and Somalia

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Ambassador Takata’s Visit to a school in the Mathare Slum in Nairobi

On the 28th of May in 2012, Ambassador Takata visited a school in the Mathare Slum in Nairobi to attend a food handing-over ceremony. The school receives food assistance from the Japanese Government through WFP Kenya that enables the children to have a hot school meal lunch.

School feeding attracts children to attend school and provides nutrition for the children. It increases their motivation to learn and helps their knowledge be firmly established. It also motivates parents to send their children to school. The Japanese Government contributed $0.25 million to this programme from the supplementary budget in 2011 fiscal year (this budget contributes $6.5 million to WFP Kenya including general food distribution and refugee support).

Many children there have only one meal per day; i.e., this school meal. Ambassador Takata found that many children study hard at school and behave themselves in a very collaborative manner, an effect of school meal assistance.

A scene of Mathare Slum

Ambassador Takata seeing a class

Ambassador Takata (left) and Minister Kilonzo (right) cooking school meal (Chef starts cooking between 6 & 7 o’clock every morning)

Pupils in line to receive a meal

Minister Kilonzo serving meals

Ambassador Takata serving meals. Meal is boiled maize and beans, tasted salt and oil.

Food contributed by Japanese Government (maize, beans, oil). They were locally purchased

A female pupil smiling with a meal in hand

Handover ceremony (from left: Mr. Sibanda, WFP Country Director; Hon. Kilonzo, Minister of Education; Ambassador Takata; Mr. Yator, Deputy Director of Education)

Pupils dancing and showing their gratitude to the people of Japan

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Handover of food to pupils from Japan, WFP and Government of Kenya

Pupils enjoying the ceremony