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Embassy of Japan in Kenya also has been accredited to Eritrea, Seychelles and Somalia

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Groundbreaking Ceremony of the project for upgrading and refurbishment of the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa: CEMASTEA

On the 9th of July 2012, Ambassador Toshihisa Takata attended the ceremony launching the project for the upgrading and refurbishment of CEMASTEA. At the centre, training programmes on mathematics, science and technology for public officers, trainers of teachers, and leaders of teachers in each region have been provided and this has contributed to the improvement of the quality of education in these subjects. These trainings are not only offered to Kenyan teachers but also more than 30 other African countries’ teachers (The Government of Japan has technically cooperated in these trainings for a long time).

With the increase of demand for trainings, there was lack of capacity for accommodation at the centre and equipment was insufficient. The Government of Japan therefore decided to extend assistance to construct some buildings such as a lecture hall, an administration office and laboratory and equip them.

The ceremony was also attended by the Minister for Education, Hon. Mutula Kilonzo and Permanent Secretary for Education, Professor George Godia. This shows their high expectation for this project. We hope that by this reinforcement of trainings and consequent improvement of the quality of education in mathematics, science and technology, young people will lead their countries to develop further in the future.

Existing buildings at CEMASTEA

Existing buildings at CEMASTEA

Existing buildings at CEMASTEA

There was a discussion on the possibility of offering classes with internet streaming of quality science contents

Example of trainings: In order to facilitate students’ understandings even in Rural areas, they’re trying to devise locally available Science experiment materials

Construction site and its models

Hon. Kilonzo in a shovel truck

Hon Kilonzo planting a memorable tree

Entertainment to welcome the guests by students from a neighbouring school

PS Godia giving a speech

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Ambassador Takata giving a speech

Hon. Kilonzo giving a speech