Opening Ceremony of the Japan’s Earthquake Photo Exhibition

Ambassador Takata receives the Card from students
Ms. Ugajin of the Embassy provides detailed accounts

On 14th of March, Ambassador Takata officially opened the Photo Exhibition entitled “Moving Forward” at the National Museum of Kenya. The exhibition which runs from the 13th to the 26th of March is aimed at raising awareness to the Kenyan public about Japan’s recovery efforts after the March 11 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.

The opening ceremony and the ensuing exhibition were made possible by Dr. Farah Idle, the Director General of the National Museum of Kenya, in conjunction with the staff of the National Museum of Kenya who allocated a suitable space and helped with all the necessary preparation for the exhibition.

In his speech, Ambassador Takata expressed his thanks for the sympathy and solidarity shown by various individuals and institutions to those affected by the disaster. Dr. Farah Idle reiterated his support for the victims in his speech.

Students from Sharp Educational Centre in Kayole presented a poem that they had composed for the victims. In addition, they made a card for the children who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. This card was received by His Excellency Ambassador Takata on behalf of the affected children.

Ambassador Takata, Dr. Farah Idle and some guests
Ngotho Gathu playing Sakura
The students of USIU dedicated a piece titled ‘Sakura’ to the victims of the disaster. Sakura, which is cherry blossom in English, is a flower which blooms after the harsh winter. Just like the cherry blossom, they wanted to assure the victims of the disaster that they too would bloom beautifully after the harsh experience they went through. The piece was performed by Ngotho Gathu, a student at USIU.