Japanese Cultural Festival 2014

Amb. Terada (second left) with Amb. & Mrs. S. K. Maina and Mr. Wakiihuri during the Nodojiman competition
The participants and sponsors of the Nodojiman Singing Competition posing for a group photo. Ms. Gichuki (center) winner of the Nodojiman singing competition
Chef Kobayashi and a cross section of the audience at the cooking show
A cross section of the participants and audience at the Nodojiman competition
Ms. Nzomo, Ms. Nduati and Ms. Makamara winners of the beauty award
On 1st November 2014, the Japan Information & Culture Centre held a Japanese Cultural Festival at the Embassy of Japan. The cultural festival is an annual event which aims to provide valuable background information on Japanese culture and way of life to the members of the public. The 2014 festival was officially opened by H. E. Amb. Tatsushi Terada, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kenya.

The main event of the festival was Nodojiman. Nodojiman is a Japanese singing competition. During this competition, participants were required to sing a Japanese song of their choice. A total of seven groups and individuals participated in the singing competition.
Chef Kobayashi demonstrating how to make norimaki
Chef Kobayashi setting up a platter of tempura
Following the Nodojiman singing competition was a Japanese food demonstration. The demonstration was conducted by Chef Kobayashi who taught members of the audience to make tempura and various kinds of sushi.
A cross section of the audience watching a Japanese animation
Participants of the Cultural Festival learning how to make origami
During the lunch break those who attended the festival had an opportunity to sample sushi and tempura. In the afternoon session of the cultural festival, there were several activities which ran concurrently. There was an anime screening session where participants watched a Japanese animation, an origami session where participants were taught to make various objects using a sheet of paper, a yukata wearing session where members of the audience were assisted in putting on the yukata which is a light cotton kimono worn during the summer season and a Japanese game session where members of the audience were taught how to play various traditional Japanese games.
A member of the audience being assisted to wear a yukata
Some participants playing traditional Japanese games
There was also a martial arts demonstration session where participants had the opportunity to watch practitioners of karate and judo in Kenya. In addition to watching the demonstration, members of the audience also got to participate in these martial arts. They were taught by the karate and judo instructor some of the basics of these martial arts.
A karate demonstration in progress
Senior JICA volunteer Mr. Mino showing his Judo skills to the members of the audience