The 7th Japanese Speech Contest

Opening remarks by Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan
One of the speech contestants

The 7th Japanese Speech contest was held at the Embassy of Japan on Saturday, 22nd March 2014. The contest attracted about 170 people among them 10 Japanese speech contestants and 6 Japanese cultural presenters.


The event was opened by The Embassy of Japan’s, Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Mukio Mori. 10 Japanese speech contestants then took to the stage to show what they had studied and practiced to that day. Following to the Japanese Speeches,   students from various universities made presentations on Japanese culture. While the result of the contest was discussed by the judges, Wamumu Rehabilitation School entertained the audience with ‘Soranbushi’, a traditional fishermen’s song in Japan.  Winners of the contest were announced and the event was finally declared closed by Mr. Katsuji Nakamura, Chairperson of JALTAK Kenya. This year, a winner of Japanese speech contest was Ms. Wanda Masinde, who made a speech titled ‘Watashi no taisetsu na mono’ (My treasured possessions).

First prize being given to a speech contestant
All participants of the Japanese speech contest

The speech contest was organized by the Embassy of Japan’s, Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC), Japanese Language Teachers Association of Kenya (JALTAK) and the Japan Foundation.

Sponsors to of the contest included H.I.S, Mitsui and Co. Ltd., Sanyo Armco, Panafricamed Ltd (Valdivia), Ushirika International and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

The number of Japanese Language students in Kenya is currently more than 1700. Some outstanding students have been given the opportunity to participate in the Japan Foundation’s Japanese Language training program in Japan.