Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects 2011/2012: Grant Contract Signing Ceremony for The Project for Construction of Susuwa Dispensary

Ambassador Takata got Maasai dress
Welcome song and dance by Maasai women group
Title Grant Contract Signing Ceremony for The Project for Construction of Susuwa Dispensary
Date 7 March 2012
Location Suswa, Narok District, Rift Valley Province
Project title The Project for Construction of Suswa Dispensary
Amount US$87,867 (approx. Kshs 7.2 Million)
About 50 participants in total.
Main activity A Grant Contract for the Project for Construction of Suswa Dispensary was signed by the Ambassador Takata and Mr. Kassimu, the executive director of Baptist Relief Agency in Africa (BARAA) at the ceremony held in Suswa.  The Grant of USD 87,867 will be used to construct a new dispensary, a staff house and sanitation facility and to purchase medical equipments. 

The ceremony was held at the neighbouring school and attended by nearly 50 people.  Maasai women performed welcome song and dance then they gave the Ambassador Takasa a Maasai shirt and the Maasai name of ‘Mepukori’ which means ‘never go hungry’.

In his speech Mr. Kassimu expressed his gratitude to Japan for assisting Suswa community to have a dispensary which has been their longstanding wish. He then promised smooth implementation and timely completion of the project.  Officials from the local government appreciated Japan’s support not only for this project but also the past project which was implemented by Narok Pillar of Hope. 

The Ambassador Takata congratulated BARAA and the community on receiving Japan’s grant.  Then he asked the officials from local government for their support for this project as the dispensary will need personnel and consumable items including drugs for actual operation.  


Ambassador Takata gave a speech
Amabassador Takata signed the grant contract with Mr. Kassimu from BARAA
Amabassador Takata and Mr. Kassimu exchanged the signed contract documents