Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects 2010/2011: Grant from Japan to Construct Operation Theater to Save Lives in the Remote Area of Chesongoch

Touring the Health Center. Bishop Korir at center, left to Mr. Yamada is Hon. Kilimi, Assistant Minister
Mr. Yamada and Sister Michael Marie exchange signed Grant Contract


Grant from Japan to Construct Operation Theater to Save Lives in the Remote Area of Chesongoch 


18th March 2011


Marakwet district, Rift Valley Province

Project title

The Project for the Expansion of Chesongoch Health Center


US$ 106,323


Totaling about 60 participants

Main activity

Mr. Yoichiro Yamada, the Deputy Head of Mission of Japan to Kenya signed a grant contract with Missionary Benedictine Sisters for the expansion of Chesongoch health center in Tot, Marakwet District, Rift Valley province. The grant amounting to 8 million Kenya shillings will be used to construct operation theaters, renovation of X-ray room and to purchase medical equipments for the Chesongoch Health Center.

The Center exists at the bottom of Kerio Valley at the junction with the road to the Marakwet Escarpment. Since its establishment in 1972, the center has been serving the community by providing quality primary health care to both Pokot and Marakwet tribes. The construction of an operation theater was the long standing wish of health center staff as the nearest operation theater was 60km away in Kapsower where patients had to be transported via steep and rocky road with more than 1000 meter of elevation. Often patients in serious conditions lost their lives before arrival at the hospital in Kapsower.

Mr. Yamada wished for speedy and successful completion of project so the patients with serious conditions can soon be treated at the Chesongoch health center without risking their lives by long and difficult transportation to Kapsower.

Hon. Linah Kilimo thanked Japan for this grant, mentioning examples of injuries peculiar to this area such as falling from the tree by harvesting mangos or Acacia pods, and bitten by poisonous snakes. Those injured patients can soon be treated at Chesongoch Health center. 

When completed, this operation facility will not only serve people in Chesongoch but it will be the referral facility of more than seven health centers in larger Kerio valley with beneficially population is expected to be  more than 100,000. 

In his speech, touching recent Tsunami and earthquake disaster hit Japan’s Northeast on 11th March, Bishop Korir said that he has been praying everyday for the victims of earthquake and tsunami. During the ceremony, all the participants observed one minute of silence and prayed for Japanese people who were affected by the disaster.



Local residents, health center staff were the main participants as well as visiting patients
Sister Michael Marie handed over Mr. Yamada the lists of names and signatures who expressed their condolences for the victims of Japan’s Northeast Pacific Earthquake and Tsunami.