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2013 Ceremony for the Certificate of Commendation

December, 2013
Embassy of Japan in Kenya


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Japan-Kenya diplomatic relations, the Embassy of Japan in Kenya extended certificates of commendation to 20 Japanese and Kenyan citizens who have made outstanding contributions in enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries.  The summary of the ceremony and the list of the certificate winners are as follows.

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Date: Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
(On the occasion of the National Day Reception in celebration of the 80th birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan)

Venue: Ambassador’s Official Residence

Attendance: Around 300 people

Program of the ceremony

List of Certificate Winners (in an alphabetical order):

Katsumi Arakawa (Saidia Furaha)

Since 1985
Support to less privileged children and single mothers


Chiaki Hayakawa (UPEPO YA AFRICA)

Since 1997
Support to street children and slum dwellers


Akira Hijikata (Mikono International)

Since 1988
Educational and medical support / well drilling and water for emergency reliefs


Yoritaro Inada (Inada-Lange Foundation for AIDS Research)

Since 2000
HIV/AIDS support in slums


Kazuhiro Ishikawa (Future Kids Project)

Since 2001
Support to street children


Teruko Kikumoto (Save the Children Centre)

Since 1984
Support to orphans and other vulnerable children


Shunichi Kobayashi (Sports Coordinator)

Since 1977
Promotion of sports exchanges


Terumi Matsushita (MOYO Children Centre)

Since 2000
Support to less privileged children


Hisanari Miyata (Child Doctor Japan)

Since 2002
Child health promotion in slums


Hiroaki Nagaoka (Community Action Development Organisation)

Since 1995
Educational support / HIV prevention / Environmental support


Katsuji Nakamura (United States International University)

Since 2000
Promotion of Japanese language


Atsushi Oono (International Water Project)

Since 2002
Support in the field of water and sanitation


Yoshiyuki Sato (Organic Solutions)

Since 1966
Support to local enterprises / Support to the Japanese community in Nairobi


Toru Seki (Taiyo Enterprises)

Since 1972
Promotion of Japanese food / Support to the Japanese community in Nairobi


Yasuo Shiojiri (Africa Children Education Fund)

Since 1989
Medical and educational support / Environmental support


Yoshio Tamura (Karate Instructor)

Since 1971
Promotion of Japanese culture and sports


Toshiyuki Yano (Ushirika International)

Since 2000
Educational support / Vocational trainings for women



Henry Indangasi (University of Nairobi)

Since 1985
Promotion of Japanese literature


Odari Hashimoto Masumi (University of Nairobi)

Since 1990
Promotion of Japanese language


Douglas Wakiihuri (Douglas Wakiihuri Marathon School)

Since 2008
Promotion of sports exchanges


* Certificates of Commendation are awarded by the Japanese Ambassador to individuals who contributed themselves in enhancing friendship and mutual understanding with a foreign country.

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