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Embassy of Japan in Kenya also has been accredited to Eritrea, Seychelles and Somalia

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Japanese Drum Concert

  • Performance by Taiko Masters
  • Performance by Taiko Masters
  • Performance by Taiko Masters

Taiko Concert ~ the Japanese Drum Tradition

The Embassy of Japan held the Japanese Drum Concert titled ‘Taiko Concert ~ The Japanese Drum Tradition’ at the Oshwal Centre Auditorum on 6th October 2012. Taiko means drum in Japanese. The auditorium, which has a seating capacity of 650, was filled with a further 90 or so people standing along the walls of the Oshwal Centre Auditorium. The main performers of the day were Mr. Shuichi Hidano with The Taiko Masters. The Taiko Masters is and ensemble produced by Shuichi Hidano, one of the world’s most talented and renowned players of the Japan’s ancient instrument.


Cooperation with the Bomas of Kenya
The concert was held in close cooperation with the Bomas of Kenya. The aim of this was to realize the collaboration between Kenyan and Japanese drummers so that the audience will see what is common in the two countries’ culture and drumming among other things.

For that purpose, the opening act was composed of an ensemble of Kenyan artists from the Bomas of Kenya, Kenyatta University, and other professional artists. They performed four songs which were accompanied by dance and traditional musical instruments from various regions of Kenya. To the joy of some, and the horror of others, their lively performance involved inviting members of the audience to join them in singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

Opening act performance

Members of the audience dancing with the ensemble of Kenyan artists

Mr. Shuichi Hidano and the Taiko Masters
Following their performance, Mr. Hidano and the Taiko Masters took to the stage. Their performances ranged from Japanese festival songs to the more familiar tunes of ‘La Bamba’ and the famous ‘zilizopendwa’ (old favourites), ‘Malaika’. Their great talent and showmanship caused the thrilled audience to call for an encore and give a much deserved standing ovation.

Performance by Taiko Masters

Performance by Taiko Masters

Joint Performance by Kenyan and Japanese Drummers
After both performances, a joint performance of the song ‘Jambo’ was done. It was an interesting combination of modern musical instruments such as the saxophone and the guitar, and traditional instruments such as the Japanese taiko and Kenyan musical instruments.

Group Performance

Group Performance