Embassy of Japan in Kenya



Embassy of Japan in Kenya also has been accredited to Eritrea, Seychelles and Somalia

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Ambassador Takata attends at the Annual Conference held by Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and visit its facilities

  • Speakers at Opening Ceremony of the conference
  • Dr. Mpoke, Director of KEMRI, delivering his speech
  • Ambassador Takata delivering his speech

On February 6th 2013, Ambassador Takata was invited to attend the KEMRI Annual Conference and taking this opportunity, he visited the KEMRI facilities in Nairobi.

KEMRI is a research institute mandated to carry out research in human health. Since its inception, KEMRI has developed a critical mass of scientists and technical personnel, to enable it mount a competitive research infrastructure to rank as a leading centre of excellence in health research both in Africa as well as globally. KEMRI works with other research bodies within and outside Kenya and cooperates with the Ministry of Public Health in issues pertaining to research priorities and policies.

The Government of Japan has been a true partner of KEMRI, starting from the Japan’s assistance towards the construction of KEMRI in 1979. In addition to further assistance that included the provision of equipment and technical cooperation for research projects up to 2006, the Government of Japan seconded over 320 experts to KEMRI and dispatched approximately 90 KEMRI researchers to Japan. As a result, KEMRI has become a centre of excellence in East Africa and even in the world. We believe that they have contributed a lot to in solving many health problems in Kenya.

Currently, the Government of Japan is supporting KEMRI and Nagasaki University (one of famous Japanese Universities) to do co-research project, through JICA and JSPS. This research is expected to develop rapid diagnostics against Yellow Fever and Rift Valley Fever.


 Visit to KEMRI Facilities

HQ administrative office

HQ administrative office 2

Memorial Plate of the official visit by former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Mori

Laboratory: Almost all equipment was provided by the Government of Japan

P3-level facility established for the first time in Kenya

Plates showing Japanese cooperation to Kenya and KEMRI

Production Unit

Inside of the production unit: Exhibition of the current technical cooperation by the Government of Japan through JICA and JSPS

Plates showing Japanese assistance

Ambassador Takata is briefed on the structure of KEMRI production unit

Recommended Information

Inside of production unit

Ambassador Takata signs KEMRI’s visitors book