Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects 2010/2011: Japanese Grant Partners with CDF to Improve Water Supply in Kanyuambora, Mbeere North

The group visiting the water point where Kanyuambora residents fetch water from. The point is not protected and shared with firm animals.
Ambassador and Hon. Kivuti welcomed by student performers

Japanese Grant Partners with CDF to Improve Water Supply in Kanyuambora, Mbeere North


15th March 2011


Mbeere North District, Eastern Province

Project title

The Project for Providing Water Supply in Kanyuambora


US$ 106,380


Totaling about 500 participants

Main activity

Ambassador Takata signed the grant contract for the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security for the project for providing water supply in Kanyambora, grant amounting to about 7.9 million Kenyan shillings to be used to lay a 28 km water pipes to connect with the CDF* funded water tanks and to construct eleven water kiosks in Kanyuambora and Nguti locations in Nbeere North District. The project complements with CDF funded establishment of main bulk from the intake at the foot of Mt. Kenya that runs through the Nbeere North District.

A Grant Signing Ceremony was held at the Kanyuambora Market with more than 500 people attended. Proceeding to the ceremony, Ambassador Takata visited water points where Kanyuambora and Nguti residents normally obtain water. Having observed low quality and quantity of water, Mr. Takata, in his speech, hoped for the timely and successful completion of project so the Kanyuambora and Nguti residents can obtain clean and safe drinking water from the water kiosks.  

The ceremony was well attended by the local residents who have been wishing to have clean and safe water for long time. Upon completion of the connecting with main bulk, it is expected that eleven water points will cover Kanyuambora and Nguti locations alleviating the burden of woman and girl-children from walking for long distance in search for water.

In his speech, Hon. Kivuti said “Whomever comes to help Mbeere people, we give the Mbeere name.” To express community’s appreciation to Japan’s assistance, he said that the Ambassador Takata will be named “RUNJI “ means “ river” in Mbeere language, honoring the person who brings good water to the community.

At the end of the ceremony, all the participants prayed for the Japanese people who were stroked by Earthquake and Tsunami on 11th March.   

*CDF=Constituency Development Fund



Traditional Mbeere drummers performed at the ceremony
Ambassador signing the grant contract with Mr. Nthiga, the chairman of Siakago Water and Irrigation project.