Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects 2011/2012: Handing Over Ceremony for the Project for the Expansion of Kapkoris Primary School

Welcome dance on the arrival of Mr. Yamada
Welcome dance on the arrival of Mr. Yamada

Handing Over Ceremony for the Project for the Expansion of Kapkoris Primary School


28th May 2012


Kapenguria, West Pokot, Rift Valley

Project title

the Project for the Expansion of Kapkoris Primary School


US$106,071 (approx. Kshs 8.5 Million)


More than 500 participants in total.

Main activity

The project for the Expansion of Kapkoris Primary School which was granted USD 106,071 in March 2011 has completed all the work and the handing over ceremony was held at the school on 28th May 2012.

The school was established in 1964 and had only deteriorated facilities which were insufficient to accommodate growing number of pupils after the introduction of Free Primary Education.  The admin block was in danger of collapsing due to its mud walled structure and pupils had no choice rather than sleeping on the floor at dormitories.  Therefore this project aimed at improving the learning environment with constructing 7 classrooms, an admin block, 3 latrine blocks and providing school furniture, 60 beds, 120 mattresses and 4 water tanks.

Mr. Yamada received warm welcome from the community on his arrival at the school then proceeded to the opening of the memorial plaque, the ribbon cut and tree planting with other guests.

At the ceremony, songs and reading of poem by the pupils of Kapkoris and Ng’oleyo primary schools and traditional dance of Pokot by the community were presented.  At the beginning of speeches by the guests, Mr. Okutoyi, a head teacher of Kapkoris expressed his gratitude towards the Government of Japan assisting the project.  Then Mr. Chemwolo, a District Education Officer and Hon. Murgor also showed their appreciation for Japan and encouraged teachers and pupils of Kapkoris to achieve better academic performance which is an expected result of the project    

While congratulating the completion of the project, Mr. Yamada told the attendances about the importance of education and acknowledged the community members who showed their awareness of the importance of education by assisting this project.  He concluded his speech by asking for continuous support for the school for more children to get educated at the school.



Mr. Yamada (right) opened the memorial  plaque with Mr. Okutoyi (left)
Mr. Yamada cut the ribbon to officially open the facilities.
Traditional Pokot dance performed by the community
Mr. Yamada (centre) inspected the classrooms with Hon. Murgor (left) and Mr. Okutoyi (right)
A water tank (front) and toilets (back) installed through GGP
Beds and mattresses for girls’ dormitory provided through GGP
Mr. Yamada (centre) and Hon. Murgor (right next) joined the dance
Mr. Yamada (right) giving his speech in front of more than 500 attendances