Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects 2012/2013: Grant Contract Signing for Two GGP Projects in 2012

Mapimo Youth Polytechnic (Mr. Mathale, Chairman)
Nkoilale Community Health Centre (Mr. Sankok, Director)
Title Grant Contract Signing for Two GGP Projects in 2012
Date 1st March 2013
Location Embassy of Japan
Project Title & Amount
  1. The Project for the Improvement of Mapimo Youth Polytechnic (USD120,375)
  2. The Project for the Construction of Nkoilale Community Health Centre (USD122,266)
Main activity   Grant Contracts for Mapimo Youth Polytechnic and Nkoilale Community Health Centre were signed by Ambassador Takata and the representatives of the two grantee organizations at the Embassy of Japan in Nairobi.
  Mapimo Youth Polytechnic, located in Magarini District, Coast Province, was established in 1979. Today it has nearly 500 trainees which is the 2nd highest enrolment for community polytechnics in the whole country, but it lacks the adequate learning facilities.  Therefore the GGP fund will mainly be used to construct workshops.
  Construction of Nkoilale Community Health Centre will be implemented by Community Health Partners which is a local NGO working in Masai Mara.  The health centre will be built in Siana location where no medical facility exists nearby hence having a dispensary is a long standing dream of the community.
  During the meeting with the Ambassador, the representatives expressed their gratitude to the support from Japan and promised to complete their projects within one year.  The Ambassador congratulated both organizations which were selected from more than 300 applications.  He also encouraged the representatives and members to complete their projects on time for the communities to get benefit from the projects as soon as possible.


Meeting with Ambassador Takata
Commemorative photo with all attendees