Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects 2013/2014: Handing Over of the Project for the Construction of Nkoilale Community Health Centre

H.E. Mr. Terada, The Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kenyacutting ribbon.
Hon. Mr. Samuel Tunai, Governor of Narok County touring the compound.
Committee members with H.E. Terada
H.E. Mr. Terada and Governor listening to the Doctor.
Ambassador and Governor sitting in the staff house.
Title Handing Over of the Project for the Construction of Nkoilale Community Health Centre
Date 18th October, 2014
Location Nkoilale,  Mara Division,  Narok South District,  Narok County 
Project title The Project for the Construction of Nkoilale Community Health Centre
Amount US$ 122,266    (Approx. KES 10 million)
Total of about 1,200 participants
Main activity The Handing Over Ceremony of The Project for theConstruction of Nkoilale Community Health Centrewhich had its Grant Contract signed in February 2013, was held in Nkoilale, Mara Division, Narok County  and witnessed by among others, officials from the Embassy of Japan in Kenya.
The grant for the Nkoilale Community Health Centre included construction of an outpatient wing, staff house, toilets; installation of solar power system; purchase of medical equipment, water tanks and furniture for the staff house to improve quality of medical service provision to the beneficiary community. 
Before the provision of this project, Mara Ecosystem which is an area of about 6,000 square kilo meters had a single health center located more than 20km away from Nkoilale. To access the health center, patients had to travel on dirt roads and pass through the Maasai Mara National Reserve gates meant only for motorized transport which majority could not afford. Because of the National Reserve, the Mara Ecosystem area is prone to attack by dangerous wildlife including lions, elephants and buffalos that occasionally injure or kill people.
However, with the new facilities, the Nkoilale community will now enjoy safe, quality, affordable and accessible health care services.
During the occasion, H.E. Mr. Terada cut the inaugural ribbon together with Hon.  Mr. Samuel Tunai, Governor of Narok County. They then made a tour of the new magnificent hospital buildings, the outpatient wing funded by the Government of Japan and the inpatient ward supported by the Narok County Government. The ceremony which included Maasai folk songs performed by Nkoilale Primary school pupils, winner of National School Music Competition consecutively for the last two years, began with speeches from local officials who expressed their gratitude for the support received from the people and Government of Japan.
While giving his remarks, the Japanese Ambassador H.E. Tatsushi Terada congratulated Community Health Partners and Nkoilale Community Development Organization for the successful completion of the Nkoilale Community Health Centre.  He said he was impressed by the efforts and passion of the organization in realizing the longtime dream of the community people of having vital health center in Nkoilale to improve their health standards.
He wished them all the best and sincerely hoped that the Nkoilale Community Health Centre would not only bring improved health care but also enhance the welfare of the entire community. 


Performance of Nkoilale Primary School pupils.
Mr. John, Chairman of Nkoilale Community Development Organization giving a speech
Mr. John Sankok, Director of Community Health Partners giving a speech.
Mr. John Marindany, County Executive Committee Member of Health introducing the staff.
Mr. Get Bomhaf, Chairman of Stitching  Nkoilale Netherland NGO giving a speech.
Hon. Mr. Ololtisati Kamwaro – Speaker of Narok County Assembly giving a speech.
Hon. Mr. Patrick ole Ntutu, Member of Parliament Narok West Constituency.
Mr. Samuel Tunai, Governor of Narok County expressing gratitude to Japan for the support.

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H.E Terada giving a speech.