2013 Public Lecture By Dr. Fukunishi

Ambassador designate Mr. Tatsushi Terada making his speech
Guest speaker Mr. Martin Mutuku of the Kenya Investments Authority
The public lecture “Delivering sustainable growth in Africa: Linkage between FDI and Local Economy, " was held on 15th November 2013 from 11.00am-1.00pm at the Japan Information and Culture Centre; Embassy of Japan.

The lecture was opened by Ambassador designate of Japan to Kenya, Mr. Tatsushi Terada and a guest speaker, Mr. Martin Mutuku, General Manager, Research Policy Advocacy & Planning of Kenya Investment Authority. In his speech, Mr. Terada recapped that in the month of June, the Government of Japan hosted the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) in Yokohama where it was reconfirmed that the private sector is a vital engine of growth and that the Government of Japan committed to assist in the promotion of economic growth through support of the private sector. He mentioned this public lecture is also a part of follow-up of TICAD V commitment.
Prof. Wawire, Dean Faculty of Economics at Kenyatta University participating during the Q&A session
Dr. Fukunishi giving the lecture
Following the opening remarks, Dr. Takahiro Fukunishi, an associate senior research fellow at Institute of Developing Economies, IDE, in Japan, took over the next session to give his lecture on “Delivering sustainable growth in Africa: Linkage between FDI and Local Economy".

In his session, Dr. Fukunishi raised the Asian cases on the development of their local industries through FDI and argued how FDI can be able to contribute to the development of local industries in Africa and underpinned its impact on the local economy. His lecture was followed by Q&A session, in which participants raised a lot of comments and questions on how FDI is able to assist the development of local industries in Kenya.