School Visits


School Visits

We welcome schools to come visit us at the Embassy of Japan so that we can teach the students and teachers a little bit of Japan, its culture and language.

The date, time and activities of the school visit are flexible so as to meet the needs of the different groups visiting us.

Date & Time
The School Visit Program is usually carried out on the weekdays. The timings for the specific days are as follows:

If the particular school visit is to span the morning and the afternoon, then we usually have a lunch break from 12:30pm – 1:30pm.

NB: The times are flexible and therefore the program does not have to begin and end at the specified times, however, the timings should fall within the specified range.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide lunch for the visiting groups. However, if the school is able to provide lunch, then we have a lovely courtyard where the students and teachers can have their lunch, if the weather permits. If it’s rainy or very cold, then lunch can be taken within the buildings.

Usually, our program includes: Information we need
So as to prepare for the visiting groups and to receive the necessary clearance from our security department we need to know: