Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects 2012/2013: Handing Over of the Project for the Reconstruction of Yuya Primary School

Mr. Mori planting a tree
Mr. Mori  cutting the ribbon
Title Handing Over of the Project for the Reconstruction of Yuya Primary School
Date 27th May 2014
Location Yuya Primary School, Kaplamai Division, Trans Nzoia East Sub-County, Trans Nzoia County, Rift Valley Province
Project title The Project for the Reconstruction of Yuya Primary School
Amount US$ 112,423 (Approx. Kshs 9.3 million)
Total of about 1,000 participants
Main activity The Handing Over Ceremony of the Project for the Reconstruction of Yuya Primary School which had its Grant Contract signed on 26th of February 2013, was held in Trans Nzoia County and witnessed by among others, officials from the Embassy of Japan in Kenya.
The grant provided Yuya Primary School with new school facilities to improve quality of learning environment to the pupils. The facilities included construction of 8 classrooms, an administration block, toilet blocks and provision of furniture.  Prior to receiving this grant, the school used deplorable classrooms constructed with mud.  The main objective of the project was to construct permanent classrooms to accommodate pupils who were studying under dangerous conditions.
The handing over ceremony included joyful songs and dances performed by the grateful students,   planting of trees, tour of the new school facilities and unveiling of the commemorative plaque.   Participants, among them the Trans Nzoia Member of County Assembly Hon. Buyera Sam Mutuli, expressed their gratitude to Japan for the grant.
In his remarks, Japan’s Deputy Ambassador Mr. Mori congratulated the School for the successful completion of the project and appreciated the dedication and hard work of all the stakeholders which had resulted into the project being completed within one year.  He urged the students to always remember all the efforts that had been put into the project during its implementation.
  Mr. Mori quoted part of a speech of Japan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe during his recent visit to Africa, “If we can reveal a bright future to young people, the future of Africa would also become bright.”  Mr. Mori hoped that Japan would help in brightening the future of Africa. He said that studying in the newly constructed classrooms with new furniture would help improve the student’s academic performance.


Mr. Mori touring the new classroom
Message from Mr. Mori to the pupils, “Study hard, Help your parents, Be good kids! Yuya boys and girls!!”
Pupils expressing joy by singing and dancing
Mr. Mori giving a speech
Mr. Mori handing over the key to Mrs. Lynetty Atolla, Principal
Mr. Mori and pupils of Yuya Primary School