Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (Handing Over Ceremony of the Project for Water Supply in Karadolo West)

Organization representative explains about the project in front of the water tank
Community members gathering in front of the water kiosk
Women from the community express their joy to have the clean water in their village
One of the newly constructed kiosks
Main facility constructed in Obet Shopping Centre
Title Handing Over Ceremony of The Project for Water Supply in Karadolo West
Date 28th October 2016
Location North West Ugenya Location, Ukwala Division, Ugenya District, Siaya County
Project Title The Project for Water Supply in Karadolo West
Amount USD 86,343 (Approx. 7.1 Million Kshs)
Total of about 500 participants
Main Activity The Handing Over Ceremony of “The Project for Water Supply in Karadolo West” was held in Ugenya District, Siaya County and witnessed by among others, officials from the Embassy of Japan in Kenya.
Mulambo Self Help Group was awarded a grant of 86,343 US Dollars (approximately 7.1 million Kshs) for installing a 6.5km pipeline from a nearby dam to Karadolo area, constructing 5 water kiosks, 3 toilet blocks, and a water tank to improve the accessibility to clean water.
Mulambo Self Help Group was established in 1993 to improve the lives of people from the Karadolo community. The people in Karadolo used to walk for more than 5 km per day to streams, ponds and boreholes to fetch water. However, due to the lack of sanitation facilities, most of the available sources were contaminated by human waste causing water borne diseases. The largest source of water in the area was the Mauna Dam, in having the capacity to supply water to over 30,000 residents. However, only 60% had been under-utilized to 60% due to lack of funds to construct the pipelines. Therefore, the aim of the project was to supply clean water from Mauna Dam to the Karadolo area.
At the ceremony, the project manager of Mulambo Self Help Group, Mr. David Ogiga, expressed his appreciation to the Government of Japan for its assistance. He explained that people in the community have eagerly been waiting to have clean water for a long period and emphasized that this will be a new chapter for the history of the village.
H.E. Mr. Cornel Rasanga, Governor of Siaya, thanked the Government of Japan for assisting the people in Siaya. He explained by saying that as a government the provision of having access to clean water is one of the major priorities for the County Policies. He expressed that he will also assure the Embassy of Japan that his government will seek to ensure proper maintenance of the project so that it can continue serving the people for several years.
Mr. Yoshihiro Katayama, Minister – Counsellor of Embassy of Japan, congratulated the organization for their successful completion of the project. In his speech, he referred to the Government of Japan’s Country Assistance Policy for the Republic of Kenya and explained that among the five sectors that Japan focuses on in Kenya, three of them- Environmental Conservation, Agricultural Development, Health and Medical Care- are basically related to water. Therefore, he mentioned that water is the basis for many things in our life and ensuring the maintenance of the facilities will be essential. He also reminded the community that the project is now handed over to their hands and that he expects the pipelines and the facilities to be well maintained. In closing his remarks, he wished the people good health, great happiness and prosperity.


Mr. Katayama opening the tap at the water kiosk with H.E. Mr. Rasanga
Ribbon cutting ceremony for the new facility
Community members attending the ceremony
Guests dancing together with the community members
Speech by Mr. David Ogiga, Project Manager of Mulambo Self Help Group
Speech by Hon. Sarah Ondego, County Executive Committee Member of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Speech by H.E. Mr. Rasanga, Governor of Siaya
Speech by Mr. Katayama, Minister-Counsellor of Embassy of Japan

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Mr. Katayama, fills the water container
Women group performing their local dance