Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (Handover Ceremony of The Project for Rehabilitation of Street Children through Organic Farming)

Mr Yo Ito, Ms Terumi Matsushita and Mr John Njuguna, (representing the area Member of Parliament), commemorated the handover ceremony with unveiling of the plaque, ribbon cutting and handing over of the house keys; Ms Matsushita with Gitau, the youngest child at the Centre; The completed house constructed with GGP funds.
Title Handover Ceremony of The Project for Rehabilitation of Street Children through Organic Farming
Date 12th January 2018
Location Magogoni Town, Ngoliba Location, Thika Sub-County, Kiambu County
Project Title The Project for Rehabilitation of Street-Children Through Organic Farming
Amount US$ 74,605 (Approx. 7.6 Million Kshs)
Total of about 120 participants
Main Activity The official handover ceremony of The Project for Rehabilitation of Street-children through Organic Farming, a GGP project, was held at Magogoni Town, Ngoliba Location, Kiambu County on 12th January 2018. The Grant Contract for this project was signed on 8th of February 2017 in the amount of 74,605 US Dollars, (approximately 7.6 million Ksh) for the construction of a rehabilitation centre for drug-addicted street children.

The ceremony started with presentations by the Moyo Centre children who through emotional songs and poems expressed the challenges that they faced while on the streets and before being accepted at the home. This was followed by presentations by older boys who described their lives as having been changed for the better through the love and support they had received at Moyo Children’s home and from Ms Terumi Matsushita, the founder and director of the home.

While giving her speech Ms Matsushita expressed her joy at the completion of the centre and thanked the Government of Japan for its support which enabled her to achieve her dream of starting such a centre.  She explained that her work could only be effective if she handled only a few boys at a time in order to provide the individualized attention needed for successful recovery. This is why the rehabilitation centre would only receive five boys at a time. She added that the activities in the organic farm would enhance the rehabilitation efforts and impart employable farming skills to the boys.

While giving his remarks, Mr. Yo Ito, First Secretary of Japan to the Republic of Kenya congratulated Moyo for receiving the grant. He expressed his thanks to Ms. Matsushita for her tireless work of bringing together the peoples of Japan and Kenya to provide a home for the street-boys of Kiambu County.

While specifically addressing the boys, he advised them to learn as many practical skills as possible while at the Centre in order to improve their future lives. In closing, Mr. Ito requested the community members to take personal responsibility for the wellbeing of the boys.


Mr Yo Ito, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan to Kenya
Mr John Njuguna, Representing MP Thika Constituency
Mrs Rebecca Kariuki, District Children Officer, Thika Sub-County
Ms Terumi Matsushita, Director and Founder holding the key of the new Moyo Children Centre

Happy Moyo Children Centre boys entertaining guest during the Handover ceremony.

Moyo Centre children celebrating with Mr Yo Ito and Ms Terumi Matsushita at the Handover ceremony.