Signing Ceremony for the Grant Contract for GGP - Feed the Children

Mr. Katayama, the Minister-Counsellor signed the Grant Contract for the Project for Increasing Water and Sanitation Access in Kiltamany Village with Feed the Children on 6th March 2019. The amount of the grant is USD 78,133. Feed the Children, a non-governmental organization (NGO) will construct a 25,000m3 water pan and a fence around it, a hand pump, a cattle trough, pit latrines, washrooms and hand wash stations for the beneficiary community of Kiltamany Village.
Currently the village’s only water source is a borehole that is not sufficient for the needs of 600 households of 3,600 residents and approximately 6,000 livestock. Its flow pressure is low and people queue for long hours to fetch water. Hence, the community, mostly women and children and their livestock are forced to walk long distances to the next water point. By trekking long distances a lot of stress is placed on livestock, thereby reducing milk production and meat quality leading to poverty among the villagers. The completion of the project will reduce the negative effects of prolonged drought by providing a reliable, stable source of safe and clean water.