Signing Ceremony for the Grant Contract for GGP - Kaghumuu Primary School

Mr. Katayama, the Minister-Counsellor signed the Grant Contract for the Project for Reconstruction of Kaghmuu Primary School with Kaghmuu Primary School on 5th March 2019. The amount of the grant is USD 82,704 to be used for the construction of 6 classrooms.
Kaghumuu Primary School opened in 2011in South Pokot Sub County, West Pokot County. The school is located in the hilly area.There are 242 pupils and 12 teachers. In May 2018, a land slide happened and rock and soil broke down and swept away a section of the school.. The school currently uses some temporary huts and teachers’ houses as classrooms since there are no other alternatives. This project will provide safe and conducive educational environment through new classrooms that will be constructed in a new location. It is also expected some pupils who moved to other schools will come back to this school after the completion of the project.
(Mr. Katayama and representatives from Kaghumuu Primary School)