Signing Ceremony for the Grant Contract for GGP - Kobujoi Mission Health Center

Mr. Katayama, the Charge d’ Affaires a.i., signed the Grant Contract for The Project for the Expansion of Kobujoi Mission Health Center with Kobujoi Mission Health Center on 11th March 2019. The amount of the grant is USD 88,666 to be used for the construction of an operation theater and the procurement of equipment for the operation theater.
This health center provides medical and healthcare services for 4,000 people living in Aldai Sub County, Nandi County. Patients who require operations for their treatment are forced to travel far to other hospitals due to the lack of an operation theater at this health center. These vulnerable patients cannot afford the cost of transportation to the other hospitals.  To solve these issues, the community and the health center started fundraising and completed the construction of the foundation for the operation theater. This project will complete the construction of an operation theater and provide the necessary equipment for operations. It is expected not only to provide the operation services but also to reduce the burden for the community.