Signing Ceremony for the Grant Contract for GGP - Ntoluo Primary School

Mr. Katayama, the Charge d’ Affaires a.i., signed the Grant Contract for The Project for the Development of Educational Infrastructure at Ntoluo Primary School with Ntoluo Primary School on 11th March 2019. The amount of the grant is USD 85,949 to be used for the construction of 6 classrooms and a pit-latrine and the procurement of furniture.
Ntoluo Primary School opened in 2011 in Transmara West Sub County, Narok County, and has 310 pupils and 12 teachers. The school only has 3 temporary classrooms shared by 5 grades; therefore the noise disturbs pupils’ concentration. The alternative measure is to study outside. This is not sustainable since strong winds sweep away the textbooks and notebooks. This project will provide a conducive educational environment for pupils and teachers at the school.