Handing Over Ceremony for the Construction Mother and Child Health Clinic and HIV/TB Centre

The official handing over ceremony for “The Project for the Construction of Mother and Child Health Clinic and HIV/ TB Centre” was held at Reinha Rosary Mission Health Centre in Githunguri location, Athi-River Sub County in Machakos County on 20th November, 2020.

Reinha Rosary Mission Health Centre was granted funds amounting to USD95,909 (Approx. 9.2 million Ksh) for the construction of this mother and child health clinic and comprehensive care centre.

This health centre has been providing medical services in past, however, it was difficult to separate spaces for each service due to the limited counselling rooms and the like. Therefore, there have been issues such as providing some medical services on a daily basis, and sharing the same spaces for infectious patients, pregnant women and children.

​As a result of this project, the number of acceptable patients is expected increase from the current 8,500 to 14,600 per year. ​It will also help prevent the spread of infectious diseases by allowing each department to have its own appropriate space.