AFL: Year of Release 1969 ~ 1960

Year of Release: 1965
Red Beard (赤ひげ)

©1965 Toho Co., Ltd.
Young Dr. Yasumoto returns to Edo following three years of medical training in Nagasaki. Believing he will become a physician to the Shogunate, he is badly disillusioned to learn he must work in the poorly-financed Kioshikawa Clinic, which is headed by Dr. Niide, known to most as Red Beard. Everything in the clinic is repulsive to Yasumoto, and he becomes determined to get himself discharged.
Duration: 185mins      Genre: Drama
Director: Akira Kurosawa (黒澤 明)
Cast: Toshirô Mifune, Yuzo Kayama, Yoshio Tsuchiya and Terumi Niki
Year of Release: 1962
Sanjuro (椿三十郎)

©1962 Toho Co., Ltd.
One dark night, nine young samurai are huddled in a secret meeting. Having discovered corruption in their clan, they submitted a petition to the clan chamberlain through Izaka, one of their members and the chamberlain’s nephew, requesting the necessary reforms. Disillusioned by the chamberlain’s evasive answers, Izaka had enlisted the help of Superintendent Kikui who kindly promised to look into the matter. The group of young samurai are listening to Izaka’s report on the matter when suddenly, an unkempt masterless samurai with piercing eyes and wrinkled, worn-out clothes stands before them. To their utter amazement, he frankly tells them that the chamberlain is a fine man, and warns them not to trust the superintendent.
Duration: 96mins     Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Akira Kurosawa (黒澤 明)
Cast: Toshirô Mifune, Tatsuya Nakadai, Yuzo Kayama and Takashi Shimura
Year of Release: 1961
Miyamoto Musashi (Part One) (宮本武蔵 (第一部))

© Toei Company
Takezo, later Miyamoto Musashi, and Matahachi are the two survivors in the battle of Sekigahara. A woman named Tamami finds then and shelters them. This group goes different ways when Takezo feels the need to return home. Since Takezo is technically a deserter, he has to run and hide or kill in order to escape capture.
Duration: 110mins     Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Tomu Uchida (内田 吐夢)
Cast: Chieko Naniwa, Isao Kimura, Nakamura Kinnosuke, Kusuo Abe and Wakaba Irie
Year of Release: 1960
The Island (裸の島)

© Kindai Eiga Kyokai
The Island follows the story of a family of four, the only inhabitants of a solitary island in Seto-nankai. This film depicts their struggles in this small island where there is a shortage of fresh water, no electricity, the soil is barren.
Duration: 95mins     Genre: Drama
Director: Kaneto Shindo (新藤 兼人)
Cast: Nobuko Otowa, Taiji Tonoyama, Shinji Tanaka and Masanori Horimoto