Embassy of Japan in Kenya



Embassy of Japan in Kenya also has been accredited to Eritrea, Seychelles and Somalia

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JAFL: Year of Release 1969 ~ 1960

Year of Release: 1969

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
It's A Hard Life
山田 洋次
Yoji Yamada
Comedy, Drama 103mins This is the very first picture in the Tora-san series which has since become a nationwide favourite. Kuruma Torajiro comes home in Shibamata after a long time since he, then a juniour high school student, left home upon quarrelling with his father, for he heard the rumour that his father had died, leaving his sister Sakura alone. When he returns, to his uncle’s home, he is overjoyed to see Sakura grown up to be a pretty lady. Being overprotective, he escorts her to a marriage interview with her prospective husband and his family. There, however, Tora-san is lost as he is unfamiliar with the table manners and blunders. As a result, the prospective marriage is broken up. Feeling so bad about what he has done to Sakura, he goes on a trip again.

Year of Release: 1966

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
千葉 泰樹
Yasuki Chiba
Comedy 100mins The four beautiful Ueno sisters have been named after flowers by their father. Kikuko (Chrysanthemum) is the eldest, followed by Umeko (Plum Blossom), Sakura (Cherry Blossom), and Ayame (Iris). Sakura, the first to marry, has a baby, while Ayame too has found a young man of her own choice and expects to marry him in the not too distant future. With two daughters off her mind, Aki begins to worry about Kikuko and Umeko who seem blithely unaware of the passing of time.

Year of Release: 1965

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Red Beard
黒澤 明
Akira Kurosawa
Drama 185mins Young Dr. Yasumoto returns to Edo following three years of medical training in Nagasaki. Believing he will become a physician to the Shogunate, he is badly disillusioned to learn he must work in the poorly-financed Kioshikawa Clinic, which is headed by Dr. Niide, known to most as Red Beard. Everything in the clinic is repulsive to Yasumoto, and he becomes determined to get himself discharged.

Year of Release: 1962

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
黒澤 明
Akira Kurosawa
Action, Drama, Thriller 96mins One dark night, nine young samurai are huddled in a secret meeting. Having discovered corruption in their clan, they submitted a petition to the clan chamberlain through Izaka, one of their members and the chamberlain’s nephew, requesting the necessary reforms. Disillusioned by the chamberlain’s evasive answers, Izaka had enlisted the help of Superintendent Kikui who kindly promised to look into the matter. The group of young samurai are listening to Izaka’s report on the matter when suddenly, an unkempt masterless samurai with piercing eyes and wrinkled, worn-out clothes stands before them. To their utter amazement, he frankly tells them that the chamberlain is a fine man, and warns them not to trust the superintendent.

Year of Release: 1961

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Happiness of Us Alone
松山 善三
Zenzo Matsuyama
Drama 110mins Akiko who is dumb, upon the death of her husband, is declared divorced out of her late husband’s family and returns to her own family. But neither her elder sister nor her younger brother are happy to see her back around. Akiko attends a re-union of graduates of the School for the Deaf and Dumb and meets Michio and decides to go through with a match of two deaf and dumb mates. The two work shining shoes, Akiko as a seamstress, Michio as a typesetter in a printing shop. Amidst hardship, they live together.
宮本武蔵 (第一部)
Miyamoto Musashi (Part One)
内田 吐夢
Tomu Uchida
Drama 110mins Takezo, later Miyamoto Musashi, and Matahachi are the two survivors in the battle of Sekigahara. A woman named Tamami finds then and shelters them. This group goes different ways when Takezo feels the need to return home. Since Takezo is technically a deserter, he has to run and hide or kill in order to escape capture.

Year of Release: 1960

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
The Island
新藤 兼人
Kaneto Shindo
Drama 95mins  The Island follows the story of a family of four, the only inhabitants of a solitary island in Seto-nankai. This film depicts their struggles in this small island where there is a shortage of fresh water, no electricity, the soil is barren.