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Embassy of Japan in Kenya also has been accredited to Eritrea, Seychelles and Somalia

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JAFL: Year of Release 1979 ~ 1970

Year of Release: 1979

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
The Three Undelivered Letters
 野村 芳太郎
Yoshitaro Nomura
Drama, Mystery 130mins Noriko had been engaged to marry Toshiyuki Fujimura, who worked at her father’s bank. One day however, Fujimura mysteriously disappears. From that day, Noriko keeps herself locked up in her room. After three years of Noriko shutting herself up like a doll without a soul, Fujimura suddenly returns. Noriko’s family’s first reaction was strong rejection, but Noriko asks no questions and embraces him warmly. One day, as Noriko is cleaning her husband’s room, three envelopes accidentally fall from the pages of one of the books she had picked up.
The first letter is dated August 11th, saying that his wife had suddenly taken ill. The second, dated August 20th, says that his wife is now critically sick, and the third letter, dated September 1st, is an announcement of his wife’s death. The wife is obviously Noriko, but she is alive and well. Do the letters then mean a preliminary notice of Noriko’s death?
My Son! My Son
木下 恵介
Keisuke Kinoshita
Drama 130mins Shuzo Kawase is managing a welding shop with 15 workers in a section of the Tokyo-Yokohama industrial zone. Business is going well for Shuzo. However, he is suffering from eye trouble resulting from his long years of work as a welder. Feeling the burden of years, he decides to hand the shop over to his 26-year old son Takeshi. At the same time, Takeshi becomes engaged to Kyoko Tagiri, a young woman from Takiri. Life is looking up for the Kawase family until one day; an utter stranger suddenly emerges out of the darkness and stabs Takeshi. The wound Takeshi sustains is deep and proves to be fatal. Takeshi dies in his father’s arms.
At the start of the trial of the culprit, Takeshi’s father in an act of desperation, attacks the murderer with a kitchen knife but he is restrained by his wife and nephew. During sentencing, the slayer is sentenced to “5 to 10 years” because he is legally a minor and also “in consideration of his future.” Shuzo, Takeshi’s father is indignant. He vows to seek justice for his son.
Heaven Sent
前田 陽一
 Yoichi Maeda
Comedy 91mins Sayoko and Shinsaku are living together in Tokyo. One day, an unknown woman brings to them a 6 year old boy. The woman claims that a next door neighbor of hers had departed overseas and had left the boy with a memo sheet on which the names and addresses of all the men with whom the woman had had sexual relations were listed. The boy’s father is one of these men and the list happened to include the name of Shinsaku. Shinsaku decides to leave on a trip to locate the father of the boy.
Nomugi Pass
山本 薩夫
Satsuo Yamamoto
Drama, History 154mins Across the mountains of Hida trudges a part of young girls who are hired as silk spinners. The trip through the snow, covering a hundred miles to Okaya, Shinshu, is hard and dangerous, especially when they cross Nomugi Pass. Yet harder work awaits the girls at their mills, here they spin silk from cocoons in a hot, humid atmosphere all day without rest with each meal. Their families are poor. Their parents want to lessen mouths to feed, and the girls will bring some money at the end of each year. ‘Nomugi Pass’ follows the tragic story of three young silk spinners; Mine, Kiku and Yuki.
Taro, The Dragon Boy
浦山 桐郎
Kiriro Urayama
Animation 75mins Taro, the dragon boy is living with his grandmother in a tiny village in the mountains. A long-nosed genie appears when he is playing with the animals and challenges him to a fight. It is a close contest. The genie begins to like Taro and grants him the strength of a hundred men. His mother turned into a dragon as she ate the forbidden fish out of hunger when she was pregnant with him has been missing ever since she gave birth to him. Taro sets out to locate his mother when he learns the truth from his grandmother.

Year of Release: 1978

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Branch School Diary
熊谷 勲
 Isao Kumagai
Drama 110mins  The story develops around a small branch school located in the northern mountains of Iwate with a young teaching couple, their 20 students, and the villagers, their gentle heart, heart-warming relationship and its beauty. Yet, with the severity of reality that it was inevitable that the school had to be demolished.
Little Adventures
岡本 孝二
Koji Okamato
Drama, Adventure 86mins One cold early morning in April a group of grade-school children set out on a great adventure. The children left Tokyo planning to spend their spring vacation by cycling right across Japan, all the way to the Japan Sea, three hundred kilometers away. Their teacher, Torizuka, decided to go along with them. Though at first he disapproved, he finally came around, talked the children’s parents into the idea, and so on that first morning all five set off.
The Incident
野村 芳太郎
Yoshitaro Nomura
Drama, Crime, Mystery 139mins  The body of a young woman slain with a knife is found in a forest located in the town of Tsuchida along the Sagami River in Kanagawa Prefecture. The victim is Hatsuko Sakai, 23, proprietress of the snack bar Cattleya in front of Atsugi Station. Several days later, Hiroshi Ueda, a 19 year old shipyard worker is arrested.

Year of Release: 1977

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Sweet Revenge
西河 克己
Katsumi Nishikawa
Drama, Mystery 96mins  Kiriko’s appearance at Otsuka’s law office in Tokyo is impressive. She has come all the way from Kyushu with very little money, to ask the famed lawyer to defend her brother, who is suspected of murder. The busy attorney refuses to take the case. Later, Kiriko’s brother is condemned and dies in a prison cell. She becomes a bar hostess working in a Tokyo bar as she bides her time waiting for an opportunity revenge.
The Yellow Handkerchief
山田 洋次
 Yoji Yamada
Comedy, Drama 103mins  Shima, after getting out of prison, meets a young man and woman and happens to travel with them. Meanwhile, as Shima begins to talk about himself, his companions realize that Shima is hesitating about going back to his home because he had sent from prison a letter to divorce his wife. However, Shima still loves her and cannot forget her, so he writes a letter to her saying that she should tie a yellow handkerchief onto the pole outside of his home if she still loves him. With that, he goes home.
Melody In Gray
篠田 正浩
Masahiro Shinoda
Drama 118mins  Early spring, 1918. Orin, a blind itinerant singer, encounters a traveler, Heitaro, at a deserted shrine on the Japan Sea Coast. A kind man, he guides her from town to town, visiting shops to sing and chant stories.

Year of Release: 1976

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Country Girl
西河 克己
Katsumi Nishikawa
Drama 92mins Hatsu comes to work as a housemaid for the Kajikis. She quickly becomes a good friend of the second son in the family, named Katsumi, who secretly takes care of a dog in the shed. One day however, the secret that Katsumi keeps a dog is revealed by his brother.
Light And Shade Of Youth
山根 成之
Shigeyuki Yamane
Drama, Romance 89mins Nanjo Hiroshi is an active and tactful youth devoting more of his energies to his part time job than to studying for a college entrance exam. On the other hand, Noro Bunpei is an awkward fellow who once failed in a college entrance exam and is now studying hard for a second try. ‘Light and Shade of Youth’ depicts the friendship between these two young men of opposite characters, interlacing a cute waitress along the way.

Year of Release: 1975

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
The Slope In The Sun
吉松 安弘
 Yasuhiro Yoshimatsu
Drama 116mins Tashiro Shinji is the second son of a successful publisher. His mother is extremely beautiful. He has an older brother who is a promising physician, still unmarried. His younger sister, Kumiko, is active and well-liked. She has been crippled since childhood from an accident which Shinji was believed to have caused. Somehow, his presence in the family is odd. Shinji is free as a bird and has his own way. In contrast to his ‘perfect’ brother, he acts the role of a juvenile delinquent in the house. But the warmness of his heart, which he unsuccessfully tries to conceal, has won the trust and love of his sister.
The Village
山田 洋次
Yoji Yamada
Drama 127mins A young woman, Hideko Kono, who represents the Toitsu Gekijo, a theatrical troupe in Tokyo visits Matsuo Village in mid-March. She asks Takashi, the leader of the youth’s association if the youth’s association can sponsor a performance of the musical “Native Village”. A meeting of the officers is held at the Public Hall in May but when it becomes clear that the association must bear the responsibility for the costs, Takashi’s proposal meets strong opposition. Gradually, Takashi wins over the association’s officers one by one.

Year of Release: 1974

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
The Castle Of Sand
野村 芳太郎
Yoshitaro Nomura
Crime, Mystery, Thriller 120mins A dead body of a man in his fifties is discovered at a railway yard at Kamata in Tokyo. An intense investigation led by veteran officer Imanishi and young policeman Yoshimura reveal that at the night of the homicide a man was seen drinking with the victim near the railroad station and further the word ‘Kameda’ was often heard in their conversation spoken in the Tohoku Region accent. Having this information as a clue, the police work to solve the murder.
Looking For A Lucky Star
山根 成之
Shigeyuki Yamane
Drama 86mins Miyoko is only 16 but has come all the way to Kamakura to serve as a maid in the house of a former police officer to help support her mother who lives in the country. Mr. Kamiyama, her employer, has an only daughter named Yuko, who loves Takeshi. Yuko’s father is completely opposed to this match.  They are in the midst of a heated quarrel when Miyoko arrives and she is at a loss of what to do.
Miyoko could not have chosen a worse time to appear, for Mr. Kamiyama is in a terrible rage and ready to bite off her head too. Now that his daughter has left, he also has doubts of how much a 16 year old girl can do.

Year of Release: 1973

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
So This Is Love
広瀬 襄
 Jo Hirose
Drama 87mins A newcomer – handsome young man named Shunji – brings a sensation to the young female workers in their toy manufacturing company. He wants to supply children with toys that give children dreams. He asks a charming illustrator named Mari to cooperate: to create one loveable face of a doll – the face so charming that it warms every heart. Mari draws many pictures, but none of them satisfies him. Her smile, however, strikes him like a bolt – it’s her face that he’s been looking for.

Year of Release: 1972

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
My Voiceless Friend
今井 正
 Tadashi Imai
Drama, War 106mins Toward the end of the Pacific War, Tamiji Nishiyama falls ill before the departure of his squadron to the front. He is hospitalized and going to be sent back to the homeland. His buddies trust him with their last messages to their wives, lovers and parents. Then the soldiers are dispatched to the south only to be annihilated. Tamiji on the other hand is repatriated with the letters after the armistice.  He now dedicates his life to delivering the letters.
Tora-San's Dear Old Home
山田 洋次
 Yoji Yamada
Comedy, Drama 91mins Another hilarious episode in the adventures of Torajiro Kuruma, the itinerant street peddler.
Tora dreams that his sister and brother-in-law are being victimized by a local gang in old style feudalistic manner. The villains have come for repayment of a load and take their entire savings, leaving them to starve to death. Tora appears, and with an ‘I don’t like to kill unnecessarily,’ he hands the gangsters a bundle of money saying, ‘If money can solve it, is this enough?’ The villains have, of course recognized the famous Tora and scamper off.
Back in real life, he finds himself returning home again, only to find a “Room to Rent” sign on his uncle’s store. He angrily leaves thinking they have sold him out.

Year of Release: 1971

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Swords of Death
内田 吐夢
 Tomu Uchida
Samurai film,
76mins While going from province to province, Miyamoto Musashi visits Shishido Baiken who is well known as the adept of the Yaegaki-ryu, the school of chain-saw technique. When they are drinking and talking about the old times, Baiken excuses himself to take his wife Omaki outside the house. There, he tells her to fetch a 8-men group of his subordinates as he has found that Musashi is the man who killed her brother.
Late at night, each of Baiken’s subordinates gathers at his house, carrying arms suited to each of their skills. At the signal from Baiken, they raid into the room Musashi is sleeping, but, only to find an empty bed. Musashi, having felt an uneasy air has leaped outside. At dawn, in the wilderness, Musashi faces individually each of Baiken’s subordinates. He beats all of them one by one. However, Musashi has a difficult duel with Baiken as his chain-saw with heavy weight is formidable. As he sees it is a tough fight, Musashi takes Baiken’s son Taroji as hostage and continues a long duel.

Year of Release: 1970

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Where Spring Comes Late
山田 洋次
 Yoji Yamada
Drama 106mins It is April. On a small island near Kyushu lives a coal mining family. When the company of Seiichi, the husband, goes bankrupt, he makes up his mind to move to reclaimed land in Hokkaido where he intends to start life anew with his family.