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Embassy of Japan in Kenya also has been accredited to Eritrea and Somalia

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JAFL: Year of Release 2009 ~ 2000

Year of Release: 2009

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Summer Wars
細田 守
Mamoru Hosoda
Children / Family , Animation 114mins A time where the real world and a virtual community named OZ co-exist. High school math whiz Kenji (voiced by Kamiki Ryunosuke) is invited on a trip to Ueda, Nagano prefecture by senior schoolmate Natsuki (voiced by Sakuraba Nanami), whom he has a secret crush on. While spending time with Natsuki’s extended family the Jinnouchis, Kenji receives an email with a suspicious numeric code. The following day, a mysterious avatar appears in OZ, destroying its maintenance system and causing chaos throughout the real world. Under the leadership of family matriarch Granny Sakae (voiced by Fuji Sumiko), falsely accused Kenji and the Jinnouchi clan do battle with the enemy.
Noriben - The Recipe Of Fortune
緒方 明
Akira Ogata
Comedy , Drama , Children / Family , Feature 107mins Komaki (Konishi Manami), who was raised in the working-class downtown district of Tokyo, has had enough of the failures of her novelist husband Noritomo (Okada Yoshinori), and decides to take her daughter Noriko (Sasaki Rio) to the home of her mother Fumiyo (Baisyo Mitsuko). Aiming for a completely new start, she sets out full of hope to find work—but finds nothing other than numerous proverbial doors being slammed in her face. After the "noriben" that she packed for Noriko's lunch becomes a huge hit at kindergarten, she decides to open her own "bento" shop offering good inexpensive food—she forcibly apprentices herself to Toya (Kishibe Ittoku), the proprietor of the renowned restaurant Totoya.
After The Flowers
中西 健二
Kenji Nakanishi
Drama , Romance , Historical , Feature 107mins Based on a short story by noted historical novelist Fujisawa Shuhei. Unasaka domain, northeastern Japan -- the Edo period. Crossing practice swords with Magoshiro (Miyao Shuntaro), the domain's best sword-fighter, Ito (Kitagawa Keiko), the only daughter of an Unasaka official and a talented fencer, falls in love for the very first time. Several months later, however, Magoshiro is ensnared in the insidious plot of a high clan official -- not knowing what to do, Magoshiro takes his own life. Upon hearing the devastating news, Ito vows to take revenge.
The Chef Of South Polar
沖田 修一
Syuichi Okita
Comedy , Drama , Children / Family , Feature 125mins A heart-warming comedy, based on the poignant essays of Nishimura Jun, who in real life served as a Japan Coast Guard cook for an Antarctic scientific observation team. The film depicts with humor the extreme isolation of eight men, living apart from their families in the severe cold at the South Pole, where it is even too cold for viruses to survive. From full-course French cuisine to hand-made "ramen" noodles, the meals that fill the team members’ bellies and hearts are unforgettable.

Year of Release: 2008

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Your Friends
廣木 隆一
Ryuichi  Hiroki
Drama , Feature 125mins Emi (Ishibashi Anna), who walks with a limp, is a volunteer worker at an alternative school. When Nakahara (Fukushi Seiji), a journalist comes to the school for interviews, she begins to talk about her dear friend. Emi was involved in a car accident on a rainy day during in elementary school days. As a result her legs sustained permanent damage, and she has closed her heart to others. In her class was another girl called Yuka (Kitaura Ayu) who often missed school due to her delicate health. The two became true friends after they turned a skipping rope together. Both girls go on to the same junior high school, but Yuka is admitted to hospital. Yuka's condition deteriorates and she dies by the time Emi is preparing for the high school entrance exam. When Nakahara's interviews are completed, Emi drives him to the station and kisses him on the cheek before parting. Years later Emi visits Yuka's parents with Nakahara, her fiance.

高橋 伴明
Banmei Takahashi
Drama , Historical , Feature 128mins The turbulent Kamakura period. Having lost his mother as a young boy, Dogen (Nakamura) travels to China at the age of 24 in search of a Buddhist master. He goes through ascetic training under Zen monk Ju-ching (Zheng Tianyong). After he finally attains enlightenment at dawn one summer morning, he returns to Japan and endeavors to spread Zen Buddhism. Beginning with a prostitute (Uchida Yuki) nursing a baby and married to an indolent husband, Dogen gains the adoration of the general populace. This provokes jealousy in the monks from Mt. Hiei, who drive Dogen out to Echizen (modern day northern Fukui prefecture), where Dogen establishes Eihei-ji temple and continues to educate his students. Dogen is then summoned by the regent of the shogunate, Hojo Tokiyori (Fujiwara Tatsuya), who requests Dogen to free him from visions of vengeful apparitions. Dogen departs to Kamakura.
Best Wishes For Tomorrow
小泉 堯史
Takashi Koizumi
Drama 110mins After WWII, Lieutenant General Okada Tasuku (Fujita Makoto) is on trial accused of executing American aircrew who carried out indiscriminate bombing towards the end of the war. As his wife Haruko (Fuji Sumiko) and his family observe in the public gallery, Okada, together with his chief defense counsel, Featherstone (Robert Lesser), insist that the indiscriminate bombing by the Americans was against international law. Regarding the trial as a "legal battle", Okuda continues with his testimony to take full responsibility and to protect his subordinates. His attitude gradually moves American prosecutors and the judge. Okuda insists that execution was the punishment
according to military discipline and not retaliation, but he is found guilty.
Osaka Hamlet
光石 富士朗
 Fujirou Mitsuishi
Drama, Feature 107mins After the father’s sudden death, the cheerful, hard-working Fusako (Matsuzaka) is holding together the Kubo family of three growing sons. Then a mysterious man (Kishibe Ittoku) appears, claiming to be the dead father’s younger brother, and the easygoing Fusako lets him move in. The sons are perplexed by this unexpected development, but Masaji (Hisano Masahiro), the eldest, a very mature 9th-grader, falls in love with a college student, while the semi-tough second son, Yukio (Morita Naoyuki), begins to have doubts about his biological parents. Meanwhile, the youngest, the grade-schooler Koki (Otsuka Tomoya) tells his classmates he wants to become a girl and earns their ridicule. It is clear the boys have troubles enough to fill their days.
Happy Flight
矢口 史靖
Shinobu Yaguchi
Comedy , Feature 103mins The story mainly takes place on board the flight No.1980 bound for Honolulu from Japan. For Suzuki Kazuhiro (Tanabe Seiichi), the co-pilot, this flight is the final test for his promotion to become captain. For Saito Etsuko (Ayase Haruka), a newly recruited cabin attendant, this is her memorable debut on an international flight. However, the aircraft hits a bird soon after takeoff and the aircraft is forced to turn back to Japan due to technical failures. Then they are faced with yet another challenge - difficult landing conditions due to an approaching typhoon. They manage to overcome the challenge with the help of instructions issued by the operation control center on the ground. The young crew in aviation-related occupations grow in experience after this bittersweet but fulfilling flight.

Year of Release: 2007

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
東京タワー オカンと僕と、時々、オトン
Tokyo Tower-Mom&Me,and
Sometimes Dad
松岡 錠司
Joji Matsuoka
Drama, Feature 142mins The film alternates between the past, in which the central character, Masaya, narrates his life story, and the present, in which Masaya watches his mother die of cancer in the hospital. Masaya is a small boy when his parents split up, after his mother 'Okan' ('mother' in southern Japan) tires of his father 'Oton' ('father') returning home drunk. Okan takes him to her hometown, Chikuho.
Always 続・三丁目の夕日
Always-Sunset On Third Street 2
山崎 貴
Takashi Yamazaki
Drama, Feature 146mins Spring of 1959. Chagawa (Yoshioka Hidetaka) still thinks of Hiromi (Koyuki) who took off without a word, while living with Junnosuke (Suga Kenta), a boy Hiromi left in his care. At Suzuki Auto, where Suzuki Norifumi (Tsutsumi Shinichi) and his wife Tomoe (Yakushimaru Hiroko) live, Mutsuko (Horikita Maki) is established enough to stand on her own two feet. Then the Suzukis gain a new family member - their relatives' daughter whom they are going to look after. To Chagawa, Junnosuke's biological father, Kawabuchi, comes to take back his son. In order to keep Junnosuke with him, the father imposes conditions upon him to give the boy a decent life. To secure a stable life and also to prove himself to Hiromi, Chagawa starts writing again to win the Akutagawa award, a once abandoned hope.
The Battery - Future In Our Hands
滝田 洋二郎
Youjiro Takita
Drama , Children / Family , Feature , Feature 119mins Harada Takumi (Hayashi Kento) has moved to a country town in Okayama for his sickly younger brother. Takumi is an extraordinarily talented baseball pitcher, but has been unable to pitch to his satisfaction as he couldn't trust the catcher. Nagakura Go (Yamada Kenta), a catcher at a children's baseball team in Okayama, is eager to form a battery duo with Takumi. Their battery looked like doing well, however, the differences in technique become apparent when they join junior high school, and Takumi suggests disbanding the battery.
The relationship of trust between Takumi and Go is restored because of the arrangement by Takumi's younger brother who was desperate to save the duo. The brother collapses with an illness that evening, and the mother blames Takumi for involving the brother in baseball. Takumi explains the situation and withdraws from a match against a strong contestant, but his brother persuades him otherwise. The mother realizes Takumi's passion for baseball, and comes to the pitch for support, where Takumi is pitching with all his might.
やじきた道中 てれすこ
Teresuko (Three For The Road)
平山 秀幸
Hidehiro Hirayama
Drama 108mins YAJI has lost his wife and son to an epidemic and he lives alone in a ramshackle row house, eking out a living sculpting fancy pastries. He is in love with OKINO, a popular local courtesan, but she remains frustratingly beyond his reach.
Okino decides to lie to Yaji, pleading “Help me run away to see my dying father one last time.” Yaji rises to the occasion and proclaims he will engineer her escape from the pleasure quarters and take her to her native village.
Just then, a man appears outside the window. He is KITA, Yaji’s childhood friend. A second-rate actor, Kita has just totally screwed up an important part on stage and has lost his will to live. Kita decides Yaji and Okino’s impending journey is the perfect way out of his predicament and pesters Yaji to let him join them...

Year of Release: 2006

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
ブレイブ ストーリー
Brave Story
Chigira Koichi
Animation, Adventure, Feature 111mins Based on a fantasy masterpiece by best-selling author, Miyabe Miyuki. A primary school pupil, Wataru, lives with his mother as his parents are divorced. His mother slips into critical condition. "If you go to the other side of that door, you can change your fate," says his new classmate, Mitsuru. Wataru follows his words and sets off on a journey into the world of Vision. Wataru becomes a trainee hero, and travels in search of a hidden treasure that has the power to change fate. Mitsuru came to the world of Vision before Wataru in order to bring back his sister who was killed in a forced double suicide by their father. Mitsuru gets hold of the treasure, but as he touches it, it unleashes demons which have been sealed off by the treasure. Vision is now full of demons. Wataru chases after Mitsuru in order to contain the demons. Mitsuru loses his life in a battle against his own alter ego, and he hands over the treasure to Wataru. Entrusted with fate, Wataru chooses to prioritize peace in Vision over his wish to recover his happy home with his parents. The demons are sealed away and peace returns to Vision once again.
Love And Honour
山田 洋次
Yoji Yamada
Feature 121mins Mimura Shinnojo (Kimura Takuya) is a lower class samurai who is a poison taster for the domain lord. He is poor, but happily leading his humble life with his beautiful wife, Kayo (Dan Rei). One day, however, Shinnojo is poisoned during a tasting and loses his sight. He is relieved of his job and is reduced to poverty. It is such a time when Shimada (Bando Mitsugoro), a clerk, offers help to Kayo. He wants her body in return, and Kayo accepts the offer in tears in order to supplement the family income. When the relationship becomes public, Shinnojo is devastated for being robbed of his beloved wife and for his helplessness. He engages in a duel with Shimada to defend his wife and preserve his Samurai honour.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
 細田 守
Mamoru Hosoda
Animation, Feature 99mins This is an adolescent science fiction drama that vividly depicts the friendship between the heroine, Makoto, who accidentally obtains the ability to command time freely, and her two male friends; as well as her bittersweet first love.

Year of Release: 2005

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
Spring Snow
行定 勲
Isao Yukisada
Feature 151mins Matsugae Kiyoaki (Tsumabuki Satoshi) was brought up by the aristocratic Ayakura family. Kiyoaki is in love with Count Ayakura's daughter, Satoko (Takeuchi Yuko), but doesn't know how to express his love to her. Satoko accepts a proposal of arranged marriage from the imperial family which will benefit the Ayakuras, too. Satoko writes to Kiyoaki to confirm his feeling for her, but his replies never arrive and she ends up accepting the engagement. Only after the official announcement of the marriage does Kiyoaki realize how much he loves Satoko. They begin to meet in secret, in full knowledge that their affair is doomed. Then, Satoko realizes to her horror that she is pregnant. Her parents try to force her to have an abortion, but Satoko leaves her family and doesn't even tell Kiyoaki about the child. Kiyoaki contracts tuberculosis and although he tries in vain to meet Satoko, he succumbs to the disease and dies.
秋山 貴彦
Takahiko Akiyama
Feature 111mins Satoru (Hongo Kanata) was injured in a freak accident, which took his mother's life. In a state of shock, he withdraws from the world and won't leave the house. Satoru's father, an engineer named Kaoru (Nakamura Masatoshi), is worried about his son and gives him a robot developed at his workplace which Satoru can manipulate by remote control and send to school in his place. The robot is nicknamed "Hinokio" by the other pupils. Through Hinokio, Satoru makes friends with a tomboy named Jun (Tabe Mikako) and the other children until a rumor circulates at school that the robot, Hinokio, was built for military purposes. Satoru suffers a second shock and throws Hinokio away, but Hinokio comes with an built-in "emotional feedback" system and Hinokio's shock transfers to Satoru, and affects his brain. Jun sets out to cure Satoru and finally manages to nurse him back to health.
A Stranger Of Mine
内田 けんじ
Kenji Uchida
Feature 98mins Naive and gullible Miyata (Nakamura Yasuhi) is depressed because his fiance, Ayumi (Itaya Yuka), has disappeared even though he just bought an apartment where they planned to live together. His private detective friend, Kanda (Yamanaka So), can't stand Miyata's whining anymore and he picks up a girl for Miyata when they go out to a restaurant together. The girl, Maki (Kirishima Reika) says that she has just split up with her fiance, too and claims she has no place to stay. Miyata agrees to let her stay over in his apartment. Then Ayumi turns up out of the blue. Maki gets angry with the self-centered Ayumi and storms out, but Miyata runs after her and manages to get her phone number. It is an evening of modest blessings for Miyata, but a terrible chain of events is about to shatter his happiness. Ayumi has stolen money from the Yakuza and Kanda is also involved. Somehow, Maki got her hands on the money and now all hell breaks loose around the unfortunate Miyata.
Always - Sunset On Third Street
山崎 貴
Takashi Yamazaki
Feature 133mins Set in a working class district of Tokyo in 1958, the year when Tokyo Tower was built. Norifumi (Tsutsumi Shinichi) runs a garage in Yuuhi-machi 3-chome. A woman named Mutsuko comes to the garage to work, but she is disappointed to find that it is such a small place. Norifumi's son, Ippei, cheers her up by telling her that they are getting a TV at home soon. Meanwhile, the owner of the Sweet Shop opposite the garage, Chagawa (Yoshioka Hidetaka) drunkenly agrees to look after a boy named Junnosuke. Yuuhi-machi 3-chome welcomes the two new inhabitants. Everyone is in a festive mood with the coming of TV, Christmas and other happy news. The years roll by, then Junnosuke's father turns up in town. There is already a strong bond between Chagawa and Junnosuke, but Chagawa, thinking about the boy's future, sends him off with his father.

Year of Release: 2004

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
隠し剣 鬼の爪
The Hidden Blade
山田 洋次
Yoji Yamada
Feature 132mins Munezo (Nagase Masatoshi), a lowly swordsman for a northern clan, is reunited with former family servant, Kie (Matsu Takako). Having presumed that she is living a happy married life, he is shocked to discover that she has taken ill after leaving her husband and takes her home with him to recuperate. Meanwhile, Munezo's friend, Yaichiro (Ozawa Yukiyoshi), is charged with treason against the clan and flees into the mountains. Having studied swordsmanship at the same school, Munezo is ordered by the clan to track down Yaichiro and bring him to heel. A fierce duel ensues between the two, but in the thick of battle, Yaichiro is shot dead by a clan member. Questioning his masters' actions, Munezo challenges chief retainer Hori (Ogata Ken) and ultimately kills him using the lethal hidden blade technique. He lays down his swords and vows to live a peaceful life with Kie as a commoner.
Swing Girls
矢口 史靖
Shinobu Yaguchi
Feature 105mins At a rural girl's high school in northern Japan, remedial math classes are being held during the summer break. Looking for a way out, Tomoko (Ueno Juri) and two of her classmates volunteer to deliver lunches left behind by the school's brass band on the way to support the baseball team at a crucial game. However, when the band subsequently suffers a bout of food poisoning, Tomoko and her companions seize the chance to ditch summer school as replacement musicians. Despite a severe lack of talent, they gradually succumb to the infectious rhythms of big band jazz and start to take the music seriously. Just as they are about to perform in public for the first time, the band members they replaced return and the ring-ins are shunted to the sidelines. However, this fails to dampen the girls' newfound spirit, and they take up part-time jobs and practice in the streets to achieve their dream of playing at the school's music festival.
The Face Of Jizo
Kazuo Kuroki
Feature 99mins In Hiroshima in 1948, memories of the atomic bombing three years earlier are still fresh in the minds of the people. Mitsue (Miyazawa Rie) works at a library where she meets Mr. Kinoshita (Asano Tadanobu), a shy, young man researching the disaster. They grow close, and Mr. Kinoshita eventually asks for her hand in marriage. However, Mitsue is troubled by her memories of the bombing when she was unable to save her father, Takezo (Harada Yoshio), and her closest friends as well as the many others who lost their lives. She doubts whether she deserves to have survived. Then the spirit of her father appears before her, and asserts that she should be happy. Watching over her budding romance with Mr. Kinoshita, Takezo cajoles and encourages Mitsue into opening her heart again.

Year of Release: 2003

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
古厩 智之
Tomoyuki Furuyama
Feature 119mins Satomi (Nagasawa Masami) is aimlessly attending a vocational school and becomes a member of the robot club by chance. There are two robot clubs at her school. The first club's members are handpicked elite and have regularly participated in the robot contest. The other one, which Satomi belongs to, is full of hacks and the club is about to close down. The second club participates in a local contest, but can't even pass the first stage. However, their unique idea is praised and they are invited to attend the National Robot Contest. Satomi, who hates losing, burns with passion for the contest in order not to be disgraced in public. After lodging together in preparation for the event, things go well and the fruits of their labour win them the championship.
Like Asura
森田 芳光
Yoshimitu Morita
Feature 135mins Four sisters in the Takezawa family gather for the first time in a long while upon learning their father has a mistress and a love child. The quartet decides against letting their mother Fuji (Yachigusa Kaoru) know about it and take advantage of the gathering to reveal their own problems to each other. The oldest sister, Tsunako (Otake Shinobu), has been having a love affair. The second oldest, Makiko (Kuroki Hitomi), knows her husband has a younger girlfriend. The third sister, Takiko (Fukatsu Eri), who is painfully shy, has made up her mind to marry her first love. The youngest, Sakiko (Fukada Kyoko), who had been living with her boyfriend, got married after finding out she was pregnant. Meanwhile, their mother suddenly passes away and after her funeral they find a letter she had written to a newspaper. In the past, they had all read the same newspaper column which discussed the love affairs taking place nowadays in society. It was actually their mother who wrote the articles. They realize that she had known about their father's mistress and child all along, yet still accepted and forgave him.

Year of Release: 2002

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
The Twilight Samurai
山田 洋次
 Yoji Yamada
Feature 129mins Low-ranking samurai, Iguchi Seibei (Sanada Hiroyuki), is a widower barely supporting his two young children and old, senile mother on his meager salary. Every evening at twilight, he goes directly home after work to take in other jobs, declining all offers of drinking and feasting with superiors and colleagues. His co-workers call him "Twilight Seibei" behind his back. One day, Seibei saves Tomoe (Miyazawa Rie), a childhood sweetheart, from her husband's violent blows. Taking notice of his swordsmanship, the superiors of his clan order him to assassinate a certain samurai. On the designated day of his mission, Seibei declares his feelings to Tomoe and then takes off. The adversary, hiding in a mansion, is a swordsman of considerable skill, and the match is not an easy one. However, Seibei finally manages to defeat the samurai and returns home to where his two daughters, his mother, and Tomoe await him.
A Boy’s Summer In 1945
黒木 和雄
Kazuo Kuroki
Feature 118mins The story takes place in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, in the summer of 1945 just before WWII ends. Ninth-grader Yasuo (Emoto Tasuku) evacuates Tokyo, separated from his parents, and now lives with his rigid grandfather (Harada Yoshio) and grandmother. While he was lucky to escape being drafted due to ill health, he feels guilty about not being able to save his friend from a bomb attack and can't get accustomed to the militant attitude around him. The story also touches on people connected with Yasuo, such as Natsu, a server who feels a kinship with him, and Natsu's mother who has a love affair with a soldier in order to forget her husband's death.
The School In The Woods
西垣 吉春
Yoshiharu Nishigaki
Feature 108mins Masao, is the son of dentist Hideo Kawai and his wife Shizuko. He’s the third of six children, all of whom are boys. But Masao, the naughtiest of them all, also has a surprising side. He occasionally develops a fever, and is absent from school for a month or even two.
One day, a girl called Miyoko joins the school after moving from Tokyo. Being a city child, Miyoko is scared of frogs and insects, and remains isolated from Yasuko and the other girls. She has nothing in common with Masao and his friends, either, and leads a lonely existence.
But then, one afternoon, Masao’s gang, Yasuko’s gang, and Miyoko all take shelter in a Shinto shrine during a ferocious thunderstorm. At first, they keep their distance from each other. Then a peal of thunder rings out. And in that instant, the children all come together in a huddle. The best of friends from that day on, the children spend the summer holidays playing by the river and catching insects together.
クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶアッパレ!
 Shin Chan Sengoku Daigassen(Bravo!)
原 恵一
 Keiichi Hara
Animation 95mins After mysteriously being sent back in time, Shin-chan saves the life of Matabe Ijiri, a samurai who leads the army of a small province in Japan. Welcomed as a guest by Ijiri, Shinnosuke must figure out why he is stuck in 1574.

Year of Release: 2001

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
矢口 史靖
Shinobu Yaguchi
Comedy, Sport 91mins It’s springtime and the Tadano High School swim team is barely keeping afloat. When a pretty new coach turns up with the nutty idea of creating a top synchronized swimming team of her own, she has just a few problems to overcome: she's teaching at an all-boys school, the 5 boys who have committed to the team are all hopelessly bad swimmers, she suddenly discovers she’s 8 months pregnant and due for maternity leave.
Inspired by their darling coach’s dream, the boys start preparing a routine for Tadano High’s festival. They face great adversity and their only encouragement comes from a gaggle of local drag queens and the crazy owner of an aquarium.
When autumn rolls around, the boys have not only miraculously perfected their routine, they’ve also won the participation of a crew of new teammates. On the eve of the festival, the performance is threatened by one last catastrophe. Will the Waterboys hard work be wasted, or can they paddle their way to the success they've worked so hard to win?
Acacia Walk
松岡 錠司
Joji Matsuoka
Family, Drama 90mins Editor Miwako Kijima hears from her aunt about her mother’s illness. The mother, Kanako worked as a teacher, and raised Miwako as a single parent. Life was hard for Kanako, and she was cruel to Miwako. Her mother became very ill, which surprised Miwako as she had not contacted her mother since starting university. Miwako is told that her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and she reluctantly accepts to go back to live with her. The days are full of stress and yelling at her mother. She feels bad because she’s doing the same thing her mother did to her. She starts to see her ex-boyfriend Sawaki to relieve the stress. However she feels as if no one understands her. She is released from her loneliness by…
All About Our House
三谷 幸喜
Koki Mitani
Comedy 116mins Naosuke dreams of building home to live with his wife Tamiko.  They requested Yanagisawa, a young rising architect, of house designing and also asked Iwata, a skilled carpenter and Tamiko’s father, to be general contractor.  But it was not long before discord erupts between the young edgy designer and the veteran builder.  Will their ideal house be completed?  This well-scripted comedy film unfolds through long-cherished Japanese rituals of house-building.

Year of Release: 2000

Movie Director Genre Duration Synopsis
山崎 貴
Takashi Yamazaki
Fantasy 100mins In the summer of 2000, 11 year old Yusuke and his classmates are camping in the woods when suddenly they see a bright light streak over the treetops and into the woods. The boys take off to the woods towards the light. There in the ground, growing, they find a small round metallic object. Just as Yusuke reaches to touch the mysterious object, up pops a set of eyes and the object says: "I am Tetra, I meet Yusuke".
Ame Agaru (After The Rain)
小泉 堯史
Takashi Koizumi
Drama, Period piece 92mins With the river flooded after heavy rains, a group of travellers is stranded at a small country inn. Among them are Ihei MIsawa, a poor ronin (a samurai without a master) and his wife, Tayao. As the rain continues tensions rise among the guests at the inn.
市川 崑
Kon Ichikawa
Comedy, Action, Period piece, Crime Drama 111mins Dora-Heita features a street-wise magistrate battling a corrupt establishment. The new magistrate is known as Dora Heita, the 'Alley-cat Magistrate', on account of his debauched lifestyle. In his unique way which was contrary to the samurai code, he cleans up the town of the yakuza bosses and the courtiers who are in cahoots with them. He is a one of a kind hero people long for today.
日本の黒い夏 -冤罪-
Darkness In The Light
熊井 啓
Kei Kumai
Drama 119mins Sarin gas was released in the provincial city of Matsumoto and the irresponsible media decided that the man who informed the police of the incident was the guilty party. Only one small broadcasting club believed in his innocence and went on investigating. It became obvious that Kanbe, the man deemed guilty, could not possibly be the culprit but police and major media pressed on. Kanbe’s innocence was only proved when the massive sarin attack on Tokyo occurred.